Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Pride

One of my guilty pleasures would be watching American's Next Top Model. I even watch it online, if I can. Tyra may just be one of the funniest women on tv now. She's crazy!

Anway, I'm not gonna blog about her, or her show, or even her coming into Harvard. What I am gonna blog about is about Pride, Filipino pride.

Michael Cinco, a Pinoy designer based in Dubai, I think, is featured on one of the episodes for ANTM Cycle 479! I lost count, sorry!

Michael Cinco, Nigel Barker, and Mr. Jay

From what I hear/read, Tyra is friends with another Filipino, Michael Carandang. What's with all this Michael! They get all the luck! He actually won an Emmy some time ago, I am not too sure, better Google it later.

Tyra and Michael Carandang

And here are more the photos.

Yes, they're in a dumspsite!
And this girl looks huge! I mean tall! Like a giant!

This gown looks like a liquid turned fabric, or something celestial!

This one looks even taller!
They probably have platforms, though.

Awesome view! The birds are slightly stealing the show, though.

Now, this is a cape!
Can somebody say 'superhero'?!?

Nice and shiny!

and a parting shot!
Yay for Filipino pride!!!

See yah later!

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