Thursday, September 30, 2010

Britney/Brittany Recap

So here's my take on the "Spearstacular" Britney/Brittany episode of Glee. Let's start with the most important thing I had learned from that episode. Brittany knows her full name! Her full name is Brittany S. Pierce, the "S" stands for Susan, although I may be wrong. This is her reason why she is always standing in the shadows of Britney Spears. But after some anesthesia-induced dream sequence when she went to the dentist's clinic, she became more talented than Rachel Berry(!?!). Also, she has 68 cavities, ouch!

And then, there's Dr.Carl. Emma's dentist/boyfriend played by John Stamos. I'll admit, he is better looking than Will Schuester.Or it may be because Will is too uptight. Ask Emma, Kurt (who had a chat with Principal Figgins which means he may be suspended or expelled), and Dr. Carl himself. Plus he is funny, so nice catch, Emma!

Just how many dream sequence can you cram in an episode of Glee? About 5 or 4, sorry, I lost count already! Let's discuss them, one by one, shall we?

First on the list is "I'm a Slave 4 U" by Heather Morris (Brittany S. Pierce, I am enjoying typing her full name..Ha!) Before this, the kids, especially Kurt wanted to sing some Britney songs for the New Directions but one uptight Will Shuester would not agree with them. Good thing we have this fantasy number from Brittany (S. Pierce!) which showcased her amazing dance skills and iconic costumes from Britney Spears, not to mention a seven-foot albino python. Also we get to hear Heather Morris' singing which is decent for a girl who can dance up a storm like that! Her best performance yet and her best lines spoken "I petted a snake. Are you a cat?"

Then Santana accompanies Brittany to the dentist informing Carl to "get up in my grill. Cause Britts and I wants to get our anesthesia on.". The ever trusty dentist agreed and so we get the second Britney/Brittany number "Me Against the Music". This was also very good as we get to see Brittany and Santana together on a dance production. Plus a Britney cameo. Look below! I also saw Finn in this number somewhere.

And then there was Rachel Berry doing "Baby, One More Time". Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, is a very good singer but a dancer, not so much. This is a slightly awkward number for me probably because we get to see Heather Morris' dancing prowess first. Although I still did enjoy this, especially when Rachel gets her close up and she looks on the camera the same way Ms. Spears had done on her 1999 video. Amazing! Meanwhile, Brittany demanded everyone saying: "I would just like to say that from now on I demand to have every solo in glee club. I sing and dance better than her … I'm more talented than all of you. It's Britney. B*%#h." And she’s kinda right! 

Next would be "Stronger" by Kevin McHale's character with the help of Finn, Puck and the rest of the football team. Check this out first.

Britney as a cheerleader, cute! Artie, although sitting on a wheelchair is still a great dancer. The funny part is when Artie goes to the gym and tries some bench press using one hand. One hand only!

The last Britney song remade by the New Directions is "Toxic". It was my favorite. Done on a school assembly and introduced by Principal Figgins deadpan of a face. It was provocative and yet subdued. Their dance routine was high on sexiness but their costumes are androgynous. Plus, Will's vest jokes is the new Hair jokes. Loving Sue Sylvester here!

And on "The Only Exception", an almost tearjerker. The extravagant production number is over and we get an emotional Rachel Berry singing Paramore's hit. Although not a Britney song, this explores to the relationship between Rachel and Finn. I almost wanted a girlfriend, just so she can sing this song to me. And so, the episode ended with the lesson that even pop songs momentarily make everything better.

See yah later!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Britney Spears, Britney, Britney, and Lady Spears

Are you guys excited for the Britney/Brittany episode of Glee? Of course, I am, too! For a lot of reasons. One, we'll be able to finally hear Heather Morris' character Brittany sing. Two, Emma's dentist boyfriend (or are they just dating?), Dr. Carl played by John Stamos will be introduced on this episode. And there is the Britney Spears cameo appearance. Still not convinced? Check out these photos featuring Brittany as Britney.

Heather Morris dances with a seven-foot albino python for I'm a Slave 4 U
with kids?!? for Ooops! I did it again
BTW, this picture is wrong in a lot of ways! tsk tsk tsk

and a very sultry Brittany for Toxic

Plus a video, of course!
 It's the Glee people talking about Britney Spears.

It's gonna be Spearstacular!

See yah later!

Edit: turns out the photos above are used on Heather's version of I'm a Slave 4 U. See evidence here.

later guys!

Life is an Endless Series of Little Details

Yesterday, I posted about the wonderful Dolce & Gabbana show. Today, I will tell and show you the details! It turns out that they had posted every look, their details, and some backstage shots on their Facebook page. If you have an FB account, go ahead and "like" them. Here are some photos which I grabbed on their page. There is a whole lot more so it's better if you can personally check them in FB. These are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

The crochet details on this dress is amazing!

I think the details are much more interesting than looking at the entire look. So, I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Thoughts? Share them as comments!

Plus another youtube gem.

See yah later!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Get dressed for Summer 2011 by Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is one of my favorite luxury brand. Their designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been my favorite since the early 2000's. Although I do not own anything from their label, (yet) I adore their design philosophy and how they had taken Italian tailoring and fused it with modern sensibility for both the Men and the Women collection. Allow me to share their Summer 2011 shows which I got from youtube. And if you are a fan of their much more casual sensibilities, you can also check out the D&G videos on their channel.

Let's start with their Men collection which I blogged about last July. (see it here.) This is where they had celebrated their 20 wonderful years in men's fashion. 

This is the first part of the fashion show which features around 90+ looks. Part 2 is available on this link and in youtube. Enjoy!

And now for their Women collection uploaded on youtube yesterday. In their own words, "SICILIAN SENSUALITY.The tailoring tradition of the collection is developed with the usage of bed linens, bedspreads, towels and tablecloths. Chiffon and stretch chiffon, brocade, charming stretch, jersey lace, macramé, extra light linen and linen organza, silk, poplin, muslin and crochet. Predominance of white dresses with a touch of black and influx of leopard print and flowers. The need and desire to slow down from the hectic rhythm of life thus taking back one's own time. The whole collection turns around the concepts of a more relaxed and sensual kind of elegance and tradition, that characterize the typical
trousseau of Southern Italy."

Mist of the looks featured are in white except for a few blacks and prints. There were crochet techniques in most of looks and although some are sheer, it was a predominantly wearable collection. Amazing video below. Enjoy!

See yah later!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Brittany! and Santana?

I wasn't supposed to be posting on weekends but a sneak peek of Glee's second episode came up on Youtube and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you. It features John Stamos, who will be featured in this episode as Dr. Carl who is dating Emma Pillsbury and a dentist. Plus Santana and of course Brittany! Although I thought Britney, as in Spears, will be on Me Against the Music... We will just have to wait for the next episode.

It's Brittany and Britney!

Dr. Carl? Focus!!!

Plus a preview of the songs coming up on the epic Britney/Brittany episode.
And you're welcome!

See yah later!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot 'n' Cold on Sesame Street

Ohh! The controversies of the entertainment industry! How I loathe thee!

Apparently, this video of her cuteness, Katy Perry and Elmo has been banned from Sesame street from reasons I am unsure of. It may be the cleavage bearing dress that Katy has or some other reason they can think of. Let us just be thankful that there is Youtube and that we can blog about that here. 

Even Katy is unsure why this video is banned


All Katy wants is to play dress-up while she's at Sesame Street, but Elmo is being hot n cold!

Have a great weekend guys!
See yah later!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet the New Kids

Well, what do you know? After posting my recap of Glee's first episode for season two, Fox had released some videos of the new characters in Glee. There's Sam Evans, Sunshine Corazon and Coach Beiste.

So let's start with Sam Evans. Played by Chord Overstreet, he seems destined for a musical career. I mean his parents named him Chord, as in like a musical chord. In Audition, he became the quarterback in the football team putting Finn in total popularity oblivion. He looks like a cleaned up Macaulay Culkinn, right? Not that Mr. Culkinn isn't clean, but you know what I mean.

Second on the list is Sunshine Corazon played by Filipino singing sensation Charice. Her full name is Charmain Clarice Relucio Pempengo. Dubbed by Oprah as the "Most Talented Girl in the World", she is the first Asian artist to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 almbum chart. Discovered in Youtube by the rest of the world, she is now a recurring character in Glee.

And of course, Coach Shannon Beiste! Played by Dot Jones, she is in fact a female. She was a champion weightlifter and female athlete of the year at Hilmar High School in Hilmar, California.


Plus! An Empire State of Mind number from the New Directions.

You're welcome!

See yah later!

Glee Premiere Recap

Of course, I did watch Glee with open eyes trying not to miss anything although this did not mean I may have an accurate recap of what had happened, what went down, who had been slushied... blah, blah, blah. I am gonna TRY to recap it to the best of my knowledge! Natch! 

I am a Gleek as one would say, and therefore psyched for Glee to be back. My playlist would be filled with songs from Glee again and my thoughts will always be what lines from Glee (most probably some Sue Sylvester epic one-liners or Brittany's) I can snap back to my friends.

So here's what you missed last summer when there wasn't Glee. Rachel and Finn dated the whole summer (see evidence above!), Quinn is back in her old weight, Puck had a vasectomy,  Tina dumps Artie in favor of Mike Chang, also known as Other Asian, Santana had a boob job and Brittany was lost in the sewers. Gross. And what happened to Mercedes and Kurt? Hmm,, Let's ask Jacob. (read below...) In other news, Ken Tanaka had a nervous breakdown which led to McKinley High hiring a new football coach named B-E-I-S-T-E, it's French. And Emma is missing in this episode. Sob! Anyway, the first minutes of Glee was starred by Jacob, the weird blogger asking the New Directions about their big "Gay Summer", his words not mine. The best part about that is when he talked to Mr. Schue about his rapping and that the kids is asking him to stop it. I'm a kid too you know. 

Two new characters were introduced in Audition, Sunshine Corazon and Sam Evans. Sunshine Corazon, played by Charice is a Foreign Exchange student from the Philippines (ehem!) who can sing really good and is shorter than Rachel in statute. She sang "Listen" beautifully although a bit OTT but I forgive her because of her duet with Rachel Berry on the song Telephone. This happened before Listen and was interrupted by Sue Sylvester's "Shut up!" Sam Evans, is played by Chord Overstreet, is a new student in McKinley trying out in their football team. From what I hear, supposedly, he will be Kurt's boyfriend but I am unsure about that. What I am sure is that he sings Billionaire really good and has a big mouth, literally! Ask Puck. 

On another note, (get it "note" as in a song? no?!? argh!) Empire State of Mind is indeed wonderful, but the Glee kids had taken it on a new level! I am putting this sing on repeat.

Now, the team from Vulture has done a great job scoring the Glee Club's song choices in three categories, Pizazz, Relevance, and Absurdity. It's kinda neat in a way although I would probably score all of their songs a "10" since I am much of a fan and less of a critic. I do enjoy reading them so might wanna check them out. I, instead will just go on with my day playing Billionaire, Telephone and Empire State of Mind!

BTW, here's the preview for next week's Britney/Brittany episode.

Are you excited? So do I!

See yah later!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's Talk about Glee and its Fashion

This is what I talk about in my blog, Fashion and Glee, so why not combine it in this post. Let's Talk about Glee and its Fashion. If you'll agree, I believe that Emma Pillsbury (played by doe-eyed wonder, Jayma Mays) is the most fashionable of the glee people. That or I just have an older woman crush on her. Ha! Although she doesn't look old enough for an older woman crush. Anyway...

Vulture blog seems to agree with me and had summed up ten of Jayma's looks. Credits go to Glee's Emmy nominated costume designer Lou Eyrich. Describing Emma's "look", she says: “Emma is a lot of Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and J.Crew. Ryan [Murphy] wanted her as a typical schoolteacher, with a little bit of sex appeal and a quirkiness to her. We found what works best with her is pops of color and being very put together, to match her OCD. Nothing can be out of place.”

I will be posting her comments on each photo and mine, too.


 Episode 1: Pilot

On the very first episode, “This is when we discovered that pops of color and monochromatic worked for Emma. This outfit became the template. On the pilot, you’re trying to figure out who the character is. We really needed her to be quirky because of her OCD, but didn’t want to make it boring. We found quickly to play off her big eyes and red hair and the colors that could really work well. We defined her through that — everything paired perfectly. That’s how that outfit came about; that she looked really good in those gold and butterscotch colors.”

I love the colors that they use here on Emma! All these yellows and golds play well with her hair color although she seems frail. 

Episode 4: Preggers

The rare outside Glee shot. “I happen to love this one. It kind of happened by accident, as it was shot at night on the football field and was unusually cold for Los Angeles, so we had to incorporate a coat into the outfit an hour before shooting. It seemed too simple on its own, so we added a beret and a bow poking out of the lapel. But the point of the outfit is to look cute in the beret.” 

This is the best looking accident (see above)! Warm colors really suit Emma's personality. The bow is the perfect accent to an all red ensemble.

Epsiode 5: The Rhodes not Taken

“This one was early on, we were still trying to find Emma, she was a bit more subdued! I was obsessed with sweater clips, so put this together to use the clip ... simple as that!” 

Love that they use very bright colors on Emma. The sweater clips add instant library chic. I think the picture also shows Emma's hair which is very precise even if it is in waves

Episode 6: Vitamin D

This ensemble was fashioned for Emma’s awkward engagement to Ken Tanaka in the boys' locker room. “We found this shirt at Anthropologie and it screamed Emma, and we were on a real bow kick at the time, so we added the bow skirt, to make it extra Emma-ish. We wanted it to be extra quirky … it was in a place that made her feel very uncomfortable. It’s crawling with germs and she’s completely freaked out about being in there.”

I adore Emma's facial expressions amidst the dirty and most probably stinky boy's locker room in these scene.

 Episode 13: Sectionals

“We found that the ‘bow shirt’ is Emma's signature look and it works with almost any outfit. We can take a very trendy sweater, add the bow, and it becomes a whole different sweater. We try to do a lot of monochromatic on purpose, but if it’s not, we try to play on the color palettes, where we’ll take three different colors — just different tones.” 

The bow on her shirt is on another level! It almost covers the entire front of her cardigan which is  in a very large rose print. Wait, does the print looks like a rose to you? So it may be just a very large flower print.

Episode 13: Sectionals

Even when Emma gets cold feet about marrying a gym teacher, she manages to look good doing so: “This one was tough. What would Emma wear for a wedding dress? We did several sketches and visited lots of bridal salons. Then it hit me: J.Crew. I went online and there it was. Emma with a touch of Audrey Hepburn. Sweet. Classic.” 

She definitely looks wonderful in her wedding gown. Not sure? Ask Will Schuester. BTW, this J.Crew gown is amazing and the elbow length gloves is the perfect lady-like accessory.

Episode 14: Hell-O

“Normally we like to put Emma in bright colors, but we also love monochromatic outfits, so we did this beige number.” Though the scene takes place during the awkward moment after she and Will have furthered their romantic relationship for the first time, that tension didn’t inform the outfit. “We didn’t pick that to fit the mood of the scene. So many of the scenes of Emma in her office are from the waist up. She never gets up from her desk. So we tried to pick outfits with interesting detail that say ‘Emma’ quickly without seeing the whole ensemble.” 

Love the fact that there is always a bow moment in her costume. Even if she is missing a bow in her top, she has a bow brooch/sweater clip!

Episode 15: The Power of Madonna

This prim outfit came during the episode in which she told Will she couldn't "do the nasty," but there was no chaste symbolism intended for the epic bow. “We found this Kate Spade dress online and we added a matching cardigan to make it more Emma. This wasn’t intentional [to match the scene]. We usually do try to pick out the outfits for the scenes, but sometimes we have fourteen people in ten different outfits and it's not possible."

There it is again! A bow the size of her face smacked on her chest! J'adore!!! And this would probably be my mom's favorite outfit because it is purple.

Episode 17: Bad Reputation

“I found this ‘Hello’ [telephone] pin at the vintage expo and loved it so much I had to create an ensemble to go with it. We picked this because it was a stronger and bolder outfit for her” for a scene in which Sue revs her up to call Will a “slut” in the teacher’s lounge. “We wanted something that made her feel confident because she had to confront Will. Not one of her girly, colorful outfits.”

She looks furious here! And even in the midst of her angst ridden speech to Will, she looks good in these nautical inspired number.

Episode 22: Journey

In the season finale, Emma confronts Figgins about the dissolution of the glee club. “She hardly wears dark colors; navys and blacks are very rare on her. We wanted to pick a bold statement [because of this scene] ... Without the Peter Pan collar, it was just a bit too cool, add the collar — instant Emma.”

This is my favorite Emma look. The flower print cardigan matches the polka dotted skirt perfectly!


See yah later!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Look at Season 2

Of Glee of course. Although I am unsure which video is really the first minute or so of Glee's first episode for season two, I am posting another video. This seems more accurate than the one I posted last week. It shows the glee kids without Matt, who seems to transfer to a different school and this means that New Directions is needing more members. (Can I audition? ha!)


BTW, tomorrow is Glee day! I'm sooooooo excited!

See yah later!

A Friend Loves at All Times

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born out of adversity." - Proverbs 17:17

Thanks Kim for the photo!

See yah later!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Endings

This is week is a bit dragging, work-related that is but I really wanted to end this week in a good note. So, I am giving you Megan Fox in her underwear! Thank you very much!

These are photos for the Emporio Armani Underwear campaign. If you remember, it was the power couple Victoria and Posh Beckham who were featured in that campaign. Fast forward to now, they have been dethroned by Megan Fox and Christiano Ronaldo. Okay, ladies! For your satisfaction, here are Christiano Ronaldo's underwear ad. (you guys, had become pushy! X-) )

Happy? Good! 
Now, for the videos. Let's start with Megan Fox video entitled "The Tip". This is slightly funny, maybe Megan can also do comedy.

Nice? Glad you liked it! Thank you very much!

Of course, there is a Christiano Ronaldo video as well, entitled Housekeeping. Enjoy ladies!

See yah later!

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