Thursday, July 29, 2010

Commonalities between Me and a Newspaper

We were both born in 1986. The Philippine Star celebrated their 24th year in the industry with their Anniversary issue. Although I rarely buy newspapers because I get my news from the internet or local news channels but after much thought, I gave in and bought it. It is thick, 202 pages in full color and full of interesting articles. The lifestyle writers/editors were asked to write about their icons so there was enough articles to read this weekend. Sorry, I am usually so tired to read stuff at night. 

Happy Anniversary Philippine Star!
told you it was thick!
they have my favorite letters, my nickname, too!

check their site here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Nothing fascinating has happened recently fashion-wise, and I have been wearing corporate clothing for a while now (will probably post something about that soon). Instead of a fashion post, I wanted to share this little song from Natasha Bedingfield.

Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha is an English born pop singer/songwriter. Based in London, she has recently released a single from her third studio album which has no title as of late.

Below is the official music video for Touch.

And here are the awesome lyrics:

I was tryin' to cross the street
When I tripped and spilled my coffee
On a man who yelled at me
And then walked off in a hurry
Now he's gonna be late for work
So he called his secretary
Said to cancel his appointment with the guy in the lobby

Who's been waiting for a while
And talking on the phone
Got invited to a party and thought he couldn't go
But he's here right now
Standing in my house
And someone turns the music loud

So we dance
And we laugh
And we touch (touch touch)

Yeah we dance
And we laugh
And we touch (touch touch)

Gonna party all night till the sun comes up
Cuz it feels like the world dissapears around us

When we dance
When we laugh
When we touch

I was planning out my party
Running errands 'round the city
Grocery bags full of alcohol
And chocolate chip cookies
Saw a dress that was amazing
In the window of a boutique
So I went across the street
Then my heel broke and it threw me
I tried to catch my balance
But I was supposed to fall
It seems that spilling coffee
Was no accident at all
Cuz you're here right now
Sitting on my couch
Funny how it all works out

So we dance
And we laugh
And we touch (touch touch)

Yeah we dance
And we laugh
And we touch (touch touch)

Gonna party all night till the sun comes up
Cuz it feels like the world dissapears around us

When we dance
When we laugh
When we touch

Every choice we make
And every road we take
Every interaction
Starts a chain reaction
We're both affected
When we least expect it
And then when we touched
And it all connected
Every choice we make
And every road we take
Every interaction
Starts a chain reaction
We're both affected when we least expect it
And then when we...

When we dance
And we laugh
And we touch (touch touch)

Yeah we dance
And we laugh
And we touch (touch touch)

Gonna party all night till the sun comes up
Cuz it feels like the world dissapears around us

When we dance
When we laugh
When we touch

Ooo oo oo ooo
We touch

Ooo oo oo ooo
We touch

Ooo oo oo ooo
We touch

Ooo oo oo ooo
We touch 

This is my song of the moment. Hoped you enjoy it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Under the Sign of the Lion

Haute Couture, french for high sew, and what better way to celebrate its grandeur than by a behemoth lion sculpture? Just like what Karl Lagerfeld had done for Chanel Couture show in Grand Palais in Paris, France.

The 12-meter or almost 40 feet sculpture had taken 30 sculptors three months to create from aluminum over a metal frame.It is made of Styrofoam material and painted to make it seem like gold except the ball the front paw is resting on, which looks like a large pearl.

The clothes on the other hand looks wearable enough yet very, very, very luxurious. Day clothes came out first. There were cropped tweed jackets paired with knee-length skirt. For the evening, dresses were gilded and/or hand-beaded to death. Enough taking, below are the photos.

day clothes in cropped tweed jacket
this lacy dress looks divine
Freja Beja, also below
swingy tulle skirts overlay a gorgeous gold dress

the show close, iris strubegger and baptiste giabconi hiding underneath a lion's head
thanks Karl!

Found this video on youtube about how the lion was created.

nymag: photos
nytimes: article
youtube: video

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer is Over

It had been raining almost everyday here in Manila thus ending my summer. Although last Saturday morning, it was amazingly hot! Hot enough for me to wear a tank top. I tend to define weather here in two, it's rainy season when, of course, it's raining and it's summer when it's not. (But poor me, it had rained that Saturday night, good thing I brought my cardigan.)

wearing a tank top and slim pants from folded and hung
and trusty black converse sneakers

with a cardigan

btw, here I am with my new glasses
and definitely needing a haircut.

note: photos were taken using my mobile phone

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Season of Freja

If you ask me my favorite model right now, I will say it's Freja Beja. She always looks slightly rebellious yet always stunning. Magazines worldwide would agree as The Cut blogged about it. She's on the cover of 6 magazines and the face of Chanel, Valentino, Max Mara and Tom Ford eyewear. She is currently number 2 in

top center in the cover of Numero Homme with a bunch of models

then, on the cover of I-D's spring issue
in her one-eyed angst ridden look
French Vogue's special runway centric issue made her the face of Fall 2010

Here on British Vogue's August issue, she is named fashion's coolest cover girl!

She is also landed on the cover of French Vogue for August, which is rare in modeling

She's also on the cover of W August issue

For Chanel - Fall 2010, she posed with furry boots at a side escape

And she's the perfect girl to give Valentino a bit of an edge in the house's new age. 
A naked edge, of course.
 Posing alongside what seems to be taxidermied crows for Tom Ford eyewear
looking very proper for Max Mara

note: photos from

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Singapore Fashion Report

I haven't posted anything "what I wore" lately, I have not been wearing anything worth blogging since Manila weather is so erratic. It's sunny during the day but before nightfall, it rains. What I usually wear are the basic shirts and denim pants that are in rotation in my closet. Anyway, I figured out I'll share my pictures instead on my Singapore Trip last month in a more fashionably way...

Day 1, Arrival and Unpacking of stuff which I have no idea what I wore and no photo evidence!

This is what I wore on Day 2. We went to Raffles City Mall and the Marina Bay area.

wore a basic v-neck shirt in turquoise and gray slim pants with black converse sneakers and a black tote bag
*all items brought from Manila

also wearing a turquoise cocktail ring to match the shirt

Day 3, went on Orchard road and to the malls in these area, which is a lot!

I have the same shirt in green, (I have amassed these shirts for comfort factor, also have them in carnation pink and purple) paired with gray denim pants. same shoes and bag as day 2.
I miss my old glasses, I look soo nice in them!
Anyway, here is my niece, Iel and me in complementing colors

Day 4, Father's Day! Went to the park across my brother's house.

wearing a purple giordano shirt (bought the day before, also have them in sunny yellow, see Day 6) 
with gray harem pants
Iel, is wearing a white top with pink shorts and pink shoes
oooops forget to mention the Iel's pink socks...

Day 6, (Day 5 was Mall day, meaning shopping day! No photos, was probably too tired to copy them to my hard drive.) My brother's birthday, so we went to the Zoo... Fun times!
wearing a yellow shirt from giordano paired with seersucker shorts and flipflops
wore some bracelets, all bought from Manila

Here is Iel and me, still in complementing colors!

I have an event to attend on Sundays, will post about that next week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Social Network

Do you have a Facebook account? Yes? So does roughly 500 millions of people around the globe. 

Sony Pictures has just released a couple of trailers for the movie "The Social Network" which focuses on how Facebook was created. Directed by David Fincher (Panic Room, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and starring Andrew GarfieldJesse Eisenberg and Rashida Jones among others.

Here is the trailer:

On a lighter note.
If you go online playing as much Facebook games as you can, poking and superpoking, you need to watch this gem below.

Add me up on facebook.

video from
special thanks to HappySlip!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Style Icon

Who's your style icon? I actually don't believe in icons, I prefer to see them as inspiration (aspiration, for some). Anyway, I was checking out tweets when I came upon this link.


Burberry Prorsom


Paul Smith

It's Barbie's long time lover, Ken. He is Esquire's style icon for August. I haven't bought Esquire for a while now (I am more a GQ and Details Reader), but this looks soooo cute(!?!). The guys from Esquire is dressing up Ken since he has a role in Toy Story 3 which btw, I haven't watched it and will probably not watch it. (Will wait for the DVD though)

In their own words,

When we heard that Barbie’s boyfriend had bagged a major role in Toy Story 3, our style team was dispatched to give him a makeover. Here, four leading designers dress Ken in the key pieces for Autumn.

Below are some behind-the-scene photos.

Kudos to Photographer Matthew Donaldson for capturing these photos.

Full credit:
Photographs by Matthew Donaldson and Fashion by Catherine Hayward.
See the full story in the August issue of Esquire

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


disclaimer: I may sound dumb after you read this.

I broke my glasses last week.It was a Saturday night, my first night back from Singapore. I was on my way to pee and my stuff was everywhere, haven't unpacked yet at that time! I stepped on it on my way out of my room and the metal part that holds one side broke. The glasses in question is a smoked acrylic eyeglass purchased last year. Old, yes, but it still does the job of making me see things clearly.

as you can see, the stem is detached from the front part
there is no way I could put it back
(even all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't)

Good thing, Wednesday was a holiday. (15th president of the Philippines Inauguration) I was able to buy a new pair. This time, I wanted a little serious frame. I am 24 years old so something funky wouldn't fit.

slightly bigger, definitely more formal

in comparison, the new one has larger frame

I have been wearing glasses since high school, my friend suggested I try contact lenses but I declined. Too lazy for that!

On a far more greater note, I won yet another pair of movie pass from Power Plant Mall from their facebook account promo. Yay! Got this a couple of days ago and I used up the first one for Eclipse. It was definitely better than the first two twilight movies. More action and some funny lines from their actors.

The passes are valid until September. Wonder what movie should I watch next time? Any suggestions?

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