Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Summer in Blue

I am currently sorting out my pictures for some facebook photos posting and found out that I have been wearing a lot of Henley and Baseball shirts lately. The former are comfortable and because they are collarless polo shirts, the almost perfect summer shirt. The latter is much more summery, although collarless just like a Henley, their neckline form an almost V.

Here are some of my pictures wearing Henley and Baseball shirts.

I'm leaning towards the colors blue and white for the summer.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Glee Promo

Can't wait for April 13.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pantone 16-3320

My mom's favorite color is violet. Named after a flower, it's the mixture of red and blue colors. Ever since I can remember, my mom would always want things in that color. Our appliances have to be violet, if not, she would ask my dad to paint them. Their bedroom walls were once painted in that color. Even on clothes, more than half of my mom's clothes are violet in color. Add to that her gazillion shoes, bags, and other accessories all in violet.

A couple of days ago, I had taken this picture of my friend, whose name he didn't want to share, with a couple of guys from the company I was working with, all wearing violet, or was it purple?
My friend's on the far right of the picture. Anyways, I thought the color violet wasn't to popular until this picture although I do have a couple of purple shirts in my closet.

I also did some research on this color and found out that the color violet represents the harmony of the universe in Chinese paintings because it is a combination of red (yang) and blue (yin). And in United Kingdom, chocolate was traditionally packed in violet as the color is associated with the royalties or luxury. Hmm, no wonder Cadbury chocolates are packed in violet colored packages.

Here I am in full purple power gear.

BTW, Pantone 16-3320 is violet...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

I just have to share this.

OK Go is one of my favorite bands. They usually dress up a bit dandy for one and their music is fun. They're the ones who did the dance on the treadmill for their video of Here It Goes Again. And a couple of weeks back, they have come up with a new video for their song This Too Shall Pass. It features a very intricate Rube Goldberg Machine. You have to watch the video below in full screen. It's one of the most amazing music videos I have seen lately.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Largest Land Mammal Alive

Elephants, they are the largest land mammals alive. They are symbols of wisdom and Asian cultures and are known for their sharp memory and intelligence.

I am sharing this because I had acquired a metal elephant pendant necklace last week and have worn it the whole day last Sunday. Also, I am always fascinated by elephants. We have two elephant figurines at home and those are probably older than me. I forgot to take a picture of them, though. :) But I do have a picture of my necklace.

I got some weird comments from wearing it. One old lady from our church said I am getting stronger because I was able to utilize and elephant as a necklace. A young man thought the craftsmanship was great although it was quite heavy for him. (after wearing it the whole day, I had to agree...)

See my full picture below.

Worn with gray mesh and cotton shirt and slim pants and black converse sneakers.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming Back Shortly

April 13 marks the much awaited return of my favorite comedy series Glee. It's about the lives of high school misfits bonding over music. I can almost relate my high school life with the kids in Glee. Although I don't remember anyone having teen pregnancy during high school. Also, we didn't get slushie facials because there were no 7-11 stores near. Ha!

Anyway, the reason I can relate to them is because I was a member of the Glee Club during my high school and we do get a bad reputation, too. The series brings back memories, bad and good, back when I was in high school. I remember being shorter than most of my classmates, having pimples on my face and getting picked at by bullies. That was about 8 years ago. (I graduated from high school in 2002) A lot of things have changed, I am taller, have a better skin and I am now the bully at work (kidding!).

Be sure to watch Glee on its return! Check your local cable listings for schedule.

BTW, I don't work for Glee or Fox network.

Here's a preview for April.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

White is Not Right

I have a confession, I don't own white socks... Mainly because my company doesn't allow people wearing white socks with dress pants and shoes but also I have never worn one since high school. But is it a sin to wear white socks? I for one, don't care, but looking at a guy walking towards to office with white socks and black shoes and pants I had to check.

After searching about this conundrum, I've found an answer from www.gq.com and I totally agree with the style guy. I try to match my socks with my pants or go for a color that matches or compliments my shirt. Since I don't own white tuxedo pants, which I think should be the only time one can wear white dress socks, I never wear white socks.

I am not athletic in any way. So this post does not include white sport socks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's in a name?

Bohemians live freely and I would want myself to be like that. To be able to express myself freely without thinking what people might think of me. To live uninhibited, creative and free.

But of course, working in an IT company doesn't allow too much creativity. There are still rules I need to follow so there must be a compromise.

However, I can be a dandy bohemian, which are the most polished in bohemian societies. Slightly arrogant, a little loose but still refined enough for corporate office. Some people might say this is just an excuse to look like I don't care but the bohemian in me don't mind what people might think.
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