Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Harry Shum Jr.: The Man With No Bones

It's that time off the year again, not Christmas though (soon), but when Glee collides with fashion. This time, it's Harry Shum Jr. who plays "the other Asian", Mike Chang in the hit TV series.

For GQ's November issue, Harry dresses up for the winter season. Too bad, I am not a fan of winter, the coldest I can get is when I lower the temperature of the air conditioning unit. Not good for the environment, tsk tsk!

Anyway, here are his photos:

I love me some double breasted coats, but alas, it is never too cold in the tropics for these.

Great color! The red down vest really pops out against the gray flannel suit.

Gray and Beige always looks good together.

My favorite looks of the bunch! Print-on-print-on-print. The large argyle print on the sweater vest is paired with tiny gingham on the dress shirt. The stripe socks is just fun.

Please note that the parka is longer than the suit jacket.

Loving the red socks now, where can I buy me some of these?!?

The Moleskin suited Harry.

Hooray for corduroy wales!

And for the ladies:

For full credits, please visit this link.

See yah later!

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