Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Singapore Fashion Report

I haven't posted anything "what I wore" lately, I have not been wearing anything worth blogging since Manila weather is so erratic. It's sunny during the day but before nightfall, it rains. What I usually wear are the basic shirts and denim pants that are in rotation in my closet. Anyway, I figured out I'll share my pictures instead on my Singapore Trip last month in a more fashionably way...

Day 1, Arrival and Unpacking of stuff which I have no idea what I wore and no photo evidence!

This is what I wore on Day 2. We went to Raffles City Mall and the Marina Bay area.

wore a basic v-neck shirt in turquoise and gray slim pants with black converse sneakers and a black tote bag
*all items brought from Manila

also wearing a turquoise cocktail ring to match the shirt

Day 3, went on Orchard road and to the malls in these area, which is a lot!

I have the same shirt in green, (I have amassed these shirts for comfort factor, also have them in carnation pink and purple) paired with gray denim pants. same shoes and bag as day 2.
I miss my old glasses, I look soo nice in them!
Anyway, here is my niece, Iel and me in complementing colors

Day 4, Father's Day! Went to the park across my brother's house.

wearing a purple giordano shirt (bought the day before, also have them in sunny yellow, see Day 6) 
with gray harem pants
Iel, is wearing a white top with pink shorts and pink shoes
oooops forget to mention the Iel's pink socks...

Day 6, (Day 5 was Mall day, meaning shopping day! No photos, was probably too tired to copy them to my hard drive.) My brother's birthday, so we went to the Zoo... Fun times!
wearing a yellow shirt from giordano paired with seersucker shorts and flipflops
wore some bracelets, all bought from Manila

Here is Iel and me, still in complementing colors!

I have an event to attend on Sundays, will post about that next week!


Noelle Chantal said...

hi! just read your comment on my other blog. anyway, i love your Singapore photos! and those colorful shirts look so comfy. love the last ensemble with the yellow top and stripey shorts. :)

elizar33 said...

thanks! they are really comfy! perfect for manila's tropical weather...

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