Saturday, March 19, 2011

Glee's Originality Shines

Hello Everyone! Miss me? Probably not, but I did miss a lot of blogging. I have been busy with work lately and couldn't find the time to blog...

Anyway, did you guys watch Glee's latest episode? The title for that would be "Original Song", where the New Directions come up with their, well, original song for Regionals. This would not be a recap, its a little, okay, very late for that. So, allow me to share some videos instead!

Let's start with The guys over at Dalton Academy. Yes, I kinda feel like Darren Criss (Blaine) is getting all the solos for The Warblers. Kurt feels the same way,too. The song, btw, is "Misery" originally by Maroon 5.

Next is New Directions with their Original Songs. Lea Michele (Rachel) does a superb job on her solo, "Get it Right". Although I am slightly bothered by the leggings and boots combo, I'mma make it pass. Oh, and if you watched the ep, you'll know she wrote the song while crying, I mean that's TALENT!

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, New Directions singing "Loser Like Me". Which is like singing about what Sue Sylvester had done to them, literally!!!


Oh, they have a new album out! The tracks includes the original songs featured in original song!

 See yah later soon!

BTW, Happy Anniversary to this blog! 1 year has come and gone! Woot woot!

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Paul said...

Love "Loser Like Me". Very catchy! :)

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