Friday, March 4, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I have been very busy with the requirements for my new job. Yes, I now have a job which involves me, a computer, a phone and some more people around me. This means, I may be too busy for blogging. Awww! I may still be able to blog once a week perhaps.

Let me just share some photos taken during the last month or so here in Singapore. Enjoy!

Chinese New Year here in SG is a huge holiday,
so we managed to drag ourselves to
Singapore Botanic Garden and had a blast!

I wore a white peacock-print shirt, gray denim jeans and trusty converse sneakers.

There you go, and I tried the ubiquitous blogger pose. LOL

And then a couple of Sundays ago, I got to ride this baby!
The world's largest observation wheel, Singapore Flyer.

My brother did not bring his big ol' camera lens, so I never really had a full body shot.
But, I think I was wearing white sneakers here. I maybe wrong of course.

I had just finished watching Black Swan when we rode on the flyer.
That might explain my wings.

See you soon!

I am a bit back logged on blogging, so I may be able to post a couple more today.

1 comment:

Edsther said...

And I might add, you have really huge pictures, to say the least....

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