Friday, February 18, 2011

GLEE-Wind: Comeback

Glee's 13!?! episode for season two is entitled Comeback and I have no time for a recap. Sorry, I am such a crappy blogger these days. I need some time, so bear with me.

Let me share photos and videos galore instead.

Emma is back! And so is her cardigan...

Sue is also making a "comeback"

Chord Overstreet as Sam aka The Justin Bieber Experience

Here's the expanded Justin Bieber Experience.
Where is my hoodie?!?

And what do you know? Sam and Santana is cuddling in the corner.

Some Sue cazy schemes to come for sure!

And a Glee-wind!

Plus some more videos featuring the guys of glee. Enjoy!
About Love Songs

And Romance!

See yah later!


Sarah said...

Hey, no Oscars post? :)

elizar33 said...

sorry sarah! I had a busy week! I'll try to post over the weekend.

How's Korea?!?

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