Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On My Way

Found a great music video on Youtube last week and I wanted to share it with my readers (haha! first time I used the word.). The band is called "Izabo". They are an Israeli band with musical style ranging from indie rock, disco and Middle Eastern music.

Izabo’s music has been described as a “Brilliant, action packed combination of Psychedelic Rock, Disco, Punk and Arabic spices”, or, if we are to name-drop, like an unlikely cross between Led Zeppelin, the Talking Heads, and Om Koltom. Featuring high-to-ultra-high vocals, twisting and expressive Arab-flavored guitar work, powerfully funky bass lines, arrogantly catchy keyboards and intense disco beats, Izabo have established themselves as one of Israel’s most absorbing live acts.

Here's a little of their history from their site. Their debut album, "The Fun Makers" was released in Israel in 2003 to rave reviews marking the band as the biggest alternative success in its native country. Following “The Fun Makers” success, Izabo were signed to SONY BMG and release “The Morning Hero EP” in the UK the same year.

Their second LP, SuperLight was released in July 2008. The first single out of the LP is "Slow Disco", released on June 16, 2008.

On March 2010 the band released a music video for their song "On My Way" using Apple Inc.'s iPhone. And here is their video!


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