Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seeing Double

Denim, that is... Double Denim, this trend had been on runways for Spring Summer 2010 and everyone had been doing it lately. I had been seeing this on blogs everywhere and even Hollywood celebrities had jumped on this trend. (see photos below, because no one reads post without photos!)

Fortunately, I had some denim shirt somewhere in my closet that I haven't worn in a while and of course, denim jeans (I mean, who doesn't own one! Who am I kidding?). So here is my photo wearing my own version of a Canadian tuxedo. I have read somewhere that in order for you to carry a good denim on denim look, make sure they are not of the same wash. I wore bleached denim pants and the aforementioned denim shirt on this photo.

BTW, I remember Britney and Justin wore a full denim on denim on denim look back when they were pop's biggest couple. Good thing, my look didn't remind people of them.


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R. Gratz said...

I hope to one day replicate JT's denim ensemble... hopefully sooner than later! Hahaha. Jk. Hahahaaaa.... man, that's hilarious. I've definitely been a chambray type of fellah but never dabbled into doing the whole "double denim" deal and maybe it's time to do so? Why not! I totally dig the contrast.

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