Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update Part Deux

I just wanted to share a couple of things.

1: Glee's season one is done

2: I will be going to a little vacation by next week

I am almost at a lost of words for Glee's season one finale fittingly titled "Journey to Regionals" and I don't want to give out spoilers. It made me cry, a lot, thinking of all the joys and troubles they had struggled with during the past 21 episodes (excluding the finale) and also, that we have to wait for 3 months for their season 2.

I will miss Sue's crazy banters and Brittany's funny one-liners.

photo taken November 2007

I will be visiting my brother and his family in Singapore this month just in time for his birthday! And will have very minimal internet access. Twitter and Facebook updates are the most I can do there. But rest assured that I will have subjects to blog about when I return. (before the end of this month) Anyway, I haven't packed anything for this trip. This is sooo not myself! I will have to do some cram packing and a little shopping for Filipino products for my brother.

Take care everyone!

edit: Forgot to mention Father's day is also coming up! Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my Brother and to all fathers out there.

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Edsther said...

And Father's Day too! Don't forget all our "bilins"! See you next week! Nice photo btw.

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