Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Actually Back Again Part Zoo!

This is another post with pictures from my SG trip. One of the highlights of this trip would probably be the trip to Singapore Zoo. Surprisingly, the Zoo is just a short taxi ride from my brother's house so finding it wasn't hard. It was my brother's birthday that day and I was singing in my head. What song?
Happy birthday to you You belong to the Zoo...

I forgot the latter part of the song. Anyway, we got to see a ton of animals! (Of course, as if I wasn't expecting that!!!) We saw different kinds of monkeys, elephants!, deers, zebras, giraffes, white tigers, gnus,,, you know I can go on and on but I'll post pictures instead.

I was wearing a yellow Giordano shirt, others bought at Manila on that trip

boat ride with Iel in matching (more like complementing) colors!

Iel is wearing a lime green Zara top, denim shorts from Zara, and red Crocs sandals/shoes

we saw the proboscis monkey, which has a very noticeable nose.
one zoo guests called this the Pinocchio of monkeys

hornbill birds who share the cage with the proboscis monkey

huge chimpanzees

frogs and other reptiles
I didn't have pictures because I was too afraid to come closer their terrariums

a sloth hanging from a tree branch


jaguar, or is this a leopard?

a cute leopard cat
although it is advised not to have these as pets because they are wild cats

looking every bit a tourist in front of Singapore Zoo

more pictures in my Facebook account soon...

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