Wednesday, June 16, 2010

End Love

No, I am not against relationships nor am I anti-love. The title comes from OK Go's latest video. "End Love" is off their album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky which is available on iTunes (or not, in any case you can get it from their website here).

I had done a post about their video before here on my blog. The video then rotated (almost literally) on a Rube Goldberg Machine. Fast forward today, June 16 on my side of the planet, they have a brand spanking new video. Which by the way you can download for FREE! Details on that here.

Enough talking so here it is. It has everything I enjoy, stop motion, slow motion, flash mob plus a duck!!! Fun times! (duck seems to remind me of this guy, too...)

I also found another video for This Too Shall Pass which as it turns out is the original video. (The Rube Goldberg version was released after two months). Anyway, check it out below.

Soon to be MIA for some RnR...

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