Monday, August 9, 2010

Acqua e Olio

We are just on August's second week but international magazines had revealed their September Covers (see evidence here). But I'm not gonna talk about that, August in itself has a lot to offer when it comes to editorials. Just like what Vogue Italia had come up for their Cover Story and Editorial titled Water and Oil ("Survivor"). Featuring legendary supermodel Kristen McMenamy in what seems to be Steven Meisel's interpretation of injured, oiled birds or animals from the oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico.Some say that the photos tried very hard to glamorize such disaster but I disagree. These photos are not only beautiful but is also a challenge for everyone to help in the disaster that the oil spill had become.

Here are the photos and a backstage video.

For more details: see here and here.


Anonymous said...

i loved this editorial, beautiful and political

elizar33 said...

glad you liked it Ellen!

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