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My Pinay Obsession

I am definitely Pinoy! Born and raised in the Philippines and blessed with wonderful Filipino parents. Although globalism and the internet may have given me a different perspective than most Filipinos, I still am a Filipino and I am proud to be one. Where did this go from here? I am gonna share an article of what I believe is an example of the perfect Filipina. Georgina Wilson, the name may not sound Pinoy but she is a Filipino. And she is my celebrity/model Pinay crush. The article came from here.


Opposites Attract.

Last week, during Singapore’s Sing-Fest music festival, headliner Kanye West couldn’t help but become smitten with the lovely VJ interviewing him. Supermodel and magazine fixture Georgina Wilson has a certain magnetism and charisma so that, even after a full set under the humid air, Kanye still managed to ask for her e-mail address — a moment that Georgina and her friends can have a good laugh about.

Attention, however, is not a new concept for this stunner. Gracing almost every important cover, and taking charge of ads and billboards for several years now, she was able to transcend her name to mass media appeal, with fans tracing her every move.

As you may know, models aren’t usually hired for their intelligence but that’s exactly what separates her from the typical. Much has been written about her love affair with numbers and her self-professed geeky side, but its her candor and wit that got the attention of international producers of music channel, Channel [V]. Aside from doing the chart shows locally, she’s slowly garnering attention internationally, with hosting stints in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Korea (where she landed a cameo for K-Pop group, 2PM’s new music video).

Lately though, it’s not all these accolades that have got people’s tongues wagging, but her constant red carpet date and their status as a duo. Read up as Georgina finally reveals the state of her heart and opens up about her plans for the future.

To that, all I have to say is… sorry, Kanye.

THE DIALOGUE: You’ve been spotted in several events with Borgy Manotoc by your side, is it time we labeled you BorGina?
GEORGINA WILSON: I don’t think that name sounds too good (Laughs). But yes, I think I’m ready to say that we are dating.

I can already feel the envy from guys all over, what is it about Borgy you like?
He reaches me on every level — when I’m weird, he can be weirder; when I feel like being intellectual, he teaches me new things. But the most important thing is we can spend the whole day just laughing. And he’s one of the people that can make me laugh the hardest. His laughter is contagious.

Borgy seems to move within the indie scene, while everyone knows you live it up in style. Do opposites really attract?
I think everyone has a preconceived image of what I am or what the media perceives me to be. I can hang out anywhere, and both of us know how to make any situation fun for ourselves no matter where we are.

What is a normal day like for a high-profile pair like you?
We work out together, we like doing groceries and cooking. Checking out exhibits and exploring new places together is really fun, too.

You graduated in Sydney with a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a double major in accounting and finance. Why move back to Manila?
I guess there’s something that pulls you back when it’s a place that you feel is home. I never intended to stay in Sydney and when I went back last Christmas I just wanted give myself the chance to live in Manila again. It just felt right being here.

You had a job with a firm waiting in London; do you have any regrets about staying in Asia?
I really worked hard to get that job, but once I got it I realized I didn’t have it in me to work in London at that time. I just wanted to be in Asia and I know the next wave of growth, in terms of finance, fashion, arts, and possibilities is here. Even in the Philippines you see new pockets of creativity and there’s all these hubs of new talent. I’ve always been intrigued with this side of the world so I don’t regret it. And the job is still waiting for me if in the future I’d like to go back.

How do you deal with all the showbiz offers?
I take each offer in isolation and see if I’m capable of doing it. I also check what image they want to portray of me. But I think it all boils down to my capabilities, if I can do the job well, and so far I haven’t found it. Maybe in the future I can find something I’m comfortable with.

You’re the face of Channel [V], how did that come about?
Being a VJ was something I’d always wanted to be. Growing up it always amazed me to see those girls interview all types of artists and I really love music. Channel [V] was the natural thing for me to do next and it’s a stepping stone for me to be comfortable in front of the camera. It was hard at first but I’m getting the hang of it — although I still don’t want to see my tapes from January. (Laughs)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Honestly I hope to be settled down. I want to be able to look back and be happy with the career I’ve chosen. I want to be able to combine the two industries that I love — fashion and finance. Hopefully in 10 years I’ll be able to look at myself and say I’ve made the most of my skills.

With your giant billboards for Bench Body and a commercial for a beer brand, was there a plan to shift your image into a more mature one?
Nothing was definitely planned and I think the advertisers and magazines wanted to portray me in a different light. I’ve done everything in terms of my adolescent image. When I came back after graduating, I had a different sense of maturity and I was willing to take on these offers.

Which fictional character do you most identify with?
Monica from Friends. I’m obsessively-compulsively clean; it drives me nuts. And I was a fat kid that’s still teased up to now.

Who do you follow on Twitter?
I follow author Paolo Coelho but I’m thinking of unfollowing because @annecurtissmith re-tweets everything he says anyway. (Laughs)

What’s one skill that people might be surprised you can do?
I can cook a five-course meal and speak Tagalog fluently.

Who has the sexiest brain for you?
Any author in The Economist. It’s my favorite magazine and the only one I read religiously.

What’s your current obsession?
Listening to the Glitch Mob and The XX. As for my constant obsession, it has to be Trollie Gummies, I can eat bags and bags of those but I just stop myself.

Who’s the most overrated person for you?
Justin Bieber. I feel like the hype should be about the great musicians out there. When Michael Jackson had that hype before, it was so warranted. When I watch Bieber perform, I have a puzzled expression on my face — or maybe I’m just too old to understand.

Many look up to you as a fashion darling, when did you realize your fashion identity?
I don’t think it’s a finished process. Every time I live in a new country or visit a new place, or hang out with a new group of people, I get inspired to dress in a way influenced by my surroundings. Style shouldn’t be boxed up.

What should men never do?
Talk extensively about ex-girlfriends.

What should women never do?
Women should never over-share their relationship problems, because only the two people involved will really understand.

MAKEUP BY Junie Senia of Jing Monis Salon
HAIR BY Raymond Santiago
Props from Skitzo, The Collective

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