Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Collector's Edition Chapter One

I am a collector of a lot of things, books, magazines, accessories, clothes, photos, etc. I wanted to share some of them to you. Wait, not like give them out! Just wanted to share photos of my collection. I am gonna start with magazines.

this is a sampling of my magazines: Dwell, Surface, a couple of Nylon and some local magazines

I have been a fan of magazines since I was in college and have the expenses to back me up. Although I buy back issues of international fashion titles, it is all good since Philippines doesn’t have four seasons. We only have two, the dry season is equivalent to summer and wet season or when it is raining, which is similar to fall or winter. (no snow, only rain here) And even when it is actually raining, it is not cold enough to wear fall/winter clothes.

 And here are my favorites.
Domino Magazine: November 2007
 Domino Magazine, whose official tagline was "the guide to living with style" is still my favorite magazine of all time. Too bad Conde Nast had ceased production of this magazine last 2009 when they were hit by the recession.

Wallpaper*, trademarked with an asterisk (*), focused on a lot of topics, fashion, design, art, media, and everything else. 

GQ, a monthly magazine also focusing on a lot of topics. Formerly Gentlemen's Quarterly, this magazine has versions for China, Romania, and more.

Details is like GQ's little brother, primarily focused on fashion and lifestyle, Details also features reports on relevant social and political issues.

Surface magazine is an American design, lifestyle, and fashion magazine based in New York, NYC.

a couple of Style:Men picked up at Singapore



R. Gratz said...

Oh man if ever I find myself in your hometown, I'm going to rummage through all your collection(s)!! Sorry, I've already decided. Haha. I really don't know what happens to my copies of mags- I find them everywhere sporadically throughout my house and my apt when I'm at school. Kinda like little surprises hidden to find, lol. Btw, I'm curious to know who the model in the cover of Style Men is. Random, but it's killing me! I'm weird (which, you've probably noticed already!).


elizar33 said...

if all you'll do is rummage, i think that's fine. as long as you don't steal them! i'm not sure about the model's name, he looks brazilian... i'll have to check on it..

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