Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gaga for the Lady

She needs no further introduction because she is Lady Gaga. Her style is avant garde, weird, eccentric, crazy... in a word "Gaga".

Vanity Fair has put her on the cover of their September issue which is usually the thickest most fashion-filled issue ever. Below are some photos and a BTS (Behind-The-Scene) video from showstudio.


Here she is on the cover looking slightly ethereal

in Alexander McQueen

Another shot of the Alexander McQueen dress
in Fred Leighton Jewelry


She looks a bit...funny? kooky? She looks Gaga!


R. Gratz said...

I for one, hated her cover the minute I looked at it- she looks all kinds of "special" (not the good kind). But this little behinds the scenes kinda intrigues me to see her shoot come September, especially if they look as amazing as the two McQueen shots you posted. I liked her lil humpty dumpty dance she did while NK fixed her up and at :41 it looks like a killer array of what could be stellar photos. I'm intrigued.

elizar33 said...

I am actually surprised with her looks it is not so OTT which makes this editorial as you say, intriguing... there are other photos online but this are the ones which doesn't have names plastered over the photos.

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