Monday, January 17, 2011

Children are Gifts

On the December 2010 / January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris, a very controversial editorial came out. One word, Cadeaux! Cad, what? Cadeaux is a french word meaning gifts. The editorial in question features kids fully dolled up to look like fashionable awesomeness. Some say the kids were demoralized, or sexualized. I think the editorial is interesting and a bit creepy in a way. You'll see the photos in a bit.

Meanwhile, the Vogue Paris issue was guest edited by Tom Ford. Yes. Tom-showing-his-chest-hair-all-the-time-Ford! And so, I am not surprised! I think anything he does would always be contoversial, nonetheless, he really is a talented man.

Here are the pictures! You be the judge!!!

This one's a winner!
The girls gaze towards the camera draws you in,
and that my friends is "smizing". (read: smile with your eyes)

black and white ftw!
The sitting girl's dress looks stunning.

I never knew brushing your teeth can be this glamourous!
Complete with fur and diamonds.
Side Note: The girls are usually wearing some white underthings
which can be seen clearly in this photo.

Leopard is almost always an older lady's best print, not anymore!

These two are either the best of friends
or are secretly fighting over the perfume bottle.

This picture kinda reminds me of Anna dello Russo,
the headpiece, the fur/feather combo plus the slightly awkward smile.

Red Valentino Gown + Christmas = Perfection!
Someone needs to take her happy pill, pronto!

This is just awesome! Her pale lip is flawless
and is the perfect foil for her lavish fur coat.

This is making me sneeze! Achoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

"Darling, you need to gather your barbies scattered on the floor before you lounge around with your pet tiger."

Looks like our little princess is hungry!

This kid should know a thing or two about beauty, no?!?

So, what do you think? Share us your thoughts on the comments.

See yah later!

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