Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Lonely Housewife

No, not my wife (I'm not married yet), nor my mom or anyone I know of. The title is for a photoshoot featuring Jayma Mays (Emma from Glee). The shoot was done years ago and I just found them online today. Boo! Me!

Taken by Gabriel Goldberg, the photos are too cute not to pass on to my readers. So, enjoy these photos!

looking through windows can be very tiring for a housewife indeed

Oh snap! It's actually a door.

Oh no! I forgot to unplug the coffee maker!

such a cute couple! LOL

She is definitely my favorite Glee personality, as this blog can profess. See here.

Styling: Marcellas Reynolds

Hair: Jeffrey Jagged
Makeup: Jamie Hess

See yah later!

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