Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glee Cute Couple Alert

Well, almost on Glee. At least half of them is in it.

Faithful readers of this blog would know that I adore Jayma Mays. (Proof: Click, click!) I mean, how can you not love her adorable doe eyes! And I have also posted a photo of her husband, British Actor, Adam Campbell.

Anyway, I found these photos from a shoot they did with The Nest Magazine. Jayma Mays stars on the cover of this home decor magazine. Inside, she and her husband talked about first dates, wedding memories and baby plans. BTW, their babies are gonna look adorable!

Here are the photos.

Jayma is looking relaxed and un-uptight on the cover.
Love her gorgeous hair in this pic, too!

One word: Adorable!
I was thinking of putting 'Super' but that is not just one word.

Go ahead and pick up a copy of The Nest's Winter 2011 issue for more of these twosome.

But before that, watch this behind-the-scenes video.

See yah later!

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