Monday, February 14, 2011

The Lady is at the Grammy's

Lady Gaga that is! Two Gaga posts one after the other. You can't really stop Lady Gaga! At the 53rd Grammy Awards last weekend (I'll be having another post about that later), Stefani Germanotta managed to outdo herself when she walked on the red carpet. Well, she didn't actually walked!

Lady Gaga was carried in her "egg/womb" and was incubating during the red carpet. She was inside the Hussein Chalayan - designed womb and was being carried by male dancers/models wearing Mugler. The lady holding on to the womb is Anne V, and was wearing a dress from Baroness.

If you can't actually see Lady Gaga inside, she's wearing an ensemble from Mugler. I have a photo of that later, I think!

The model's faces has some prosthetics in them, reminiscent of the make up for Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 collection Plato's Atlantis. What's added are pointy shoulders which Gaga herself has.

And then she was born, Lady Gaga stepped out of her womb in Mugler. She performed for the first time, her new song "Born This Way". I am kinda unsure when I first heard the song as to how will she put drama and theatrically into a dance beat, but she delivered perfectly. Watch!

Her dancers are wearing Mugler in collaboration with Haus of Gaga. The look seems to be inspired by hospital gowns and egg yolks.

Her full performance outfit is composed of a top, skirt, coat, and hat.

Though she did remove some of that to show her pointy shoulders.
Oh, and 80's hair completes the look!

Done! Next!

Her next ensemble is for picking up her award for Best Pop Vocal Album is also from Mugler.

Inset: the bodysuit includes some butt enhancing thingies.

And for her finale look, some fierce Mugler again! Plus some nice mesh sunhat by Franc Fernandez.

Thanks for the people behind the Haus of Gaga!

Fashion Credit: 
fashion director: Nicola Formichetti
hair: Sam Mcnight
make up: Val Garland
styling assistant: Brandon Maxwell

Congratulations to Lady Gaga for winning Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Bad Romance, Best Short Form Music Video also for Bad Romance and  Best Pop Vocal Album for The Fame Monster!

See yah later!

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