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Silly Love Songs Recap

Whew! Here's another recap for Glee's twelfth episode entitled Silly Love Songs. Enjoy and please share your comments below!

Almost everyone had been bitten by the love bug in McKinley High. Puck is in love with Lauren, Kurt with Blaine, Artie and Brittany, Mike and Tina, Sam and Quinn, Lea with Finn, and Finn is kinda in love with himself to much! Well, I'm getting ahead of this.

The episode started with Puck staring at Lauren during their class together. We get to see their "7 minutes in heaven" was cut short because Lauren got bored! So Puck decided to profess her love with candies but they suck, although she did finish them all.

Finn on the other hand, due to the attention he's getting from  the girls at McKinley, starts to be a little cocky. Fine, he think he's God's gift to mankind! Although he still believes that Quinn kinda like him, because she kissed him from last episode. He may have to kiss her again to be sure.

Kurt and Blaine on the other hand is moving on towards a relationship, that is from Kurt's POV. Blaine mouths off about a guy he sort of like, and Kurt thinks he is the guy. But is he?!?

Back to McKinley, this week's lesson is about love. Will let them pair up with each other to sing what they think is the greatest love song. Finn on the other hand has other plans, he wants to set up a kissing booth, the proceeds of which will be donated to glee club. And it's a dollar a smooch from Finn Hudson.

Then this is what happens,

Funny! Right?!? Santana's bawling outside the choir room is pitiful, but she deserves it!

Back to Dalton, where everything revolves around Blaine! I really am starting to not like this guy. He calls on a Warbler's council meeting to help him sing a song professing his love to some guy. Someone from the local Gap named Jeremiah, and he is the Junior Manager, too. Although there are problems with this because they haven't performed outside campus since 19something! Kurt woos them so they can have confidence and kept them loose. This would be "The Gap Attack".

Kurt talks to Rachel and Mercedes on what seems to be a sleepover at Rachel's house. They're wearing PJs! He shares his love towards Blaine and the fact that it wasn't reciprocated.

And for the first song in this Vday episode. Puck serenades Lauren with Queen classic, Fat Bottomed Girls. Not very subtle but he gets the point across, although Lauren still isn't falling.

Lea giving Lauren the look while Santana ponders what is happening.

Finn and his kissing booth has gotten a lot of action and Quinn drops by. She tells Finn, she would never kiss him again. Sam overlooks the picture and thinks Quinn is cheating on him, and she still has feelings for Finn. Rachel also drops by ready for kiss. She tells him she doesn't have feelings for him at first, but she blurts out her love for him still continues. Finn, surprisingly, takes her to the side and gives her a Valentine's present wrapped in a Christmas paper. Fine, he kept it after their breakup before Christmas. The gift is a star necklace. Finn agrees that they have to part because Rachel is a Star!

The second serenade was provided by Artie and Mike, well, Artie did the singing and Mike did the dancing. It was of course for Brittany and Tina. The song is another Michael Jackson hit titled P.Y.T. That would be Pretty Young Thing. 

Mike and Artie performs as...

the rest of the guys gaze in delight!

Side note: I am loving the ex-Cheerios out of their uniform. I especially adore their hair down.

Then came the fight of the century, between female wrestler extraordinaire Lauren Zizis and hotness personified Santana Lopez. It all started with a heated exchange of words, then it went to bodies slamming on locker doors. Fine, it was just Santana, but still! She was flying!

Back to the kissing booth! Quinn arrives with a dollar and kisses Finn infront of Sam! She did this to prove that she doesn't feel anything anymore for Finn. For Finn, he sees fireworks! Quinn manages to invite Finn to the auditorium tomorrow. We'll see later on for what.

Its "the Gap Attack!

Too bad, Jeremiah wasn't feeling this song. Especially he got fired because apparently people can't just bust a groove on somebody else's workplace. Ouch for Jeremiah, more ouch for Blaine.

On McKinley, everyone's in love except Santana who saw some flirting happening between Finn and Quinn! Santana plans to take revenge, how?!? She went into the clinic to help aid some kid who had contracted mono. Well, she has had mono so many times it turned into stereo. Mono, is a kissing disease, can be contagious when kissing. He kissed the sick kid, then marches to the kissing booth and plants one at Finn! 
Back to Puck is the library, who had never been into one, he "proposes" to Lauren for a date on Breadsticks with a candy ring. Cute! And finally, Lauren agrees.

So Finn and Quinn met up at the auditorium to talk about their feelings and to why Quinn thinks they should stop. And why Finn thinks it's perfectly fine to have feelings for two people at the same time. But of course they kissed, planting some virus in between them!

Blaine on the other hand, became very hateful about Valentines. Kurt explained his part and that he thought he was the one Blaine is referring to about Valentines. So Blaine also explained himself about never being anyone's boyfriend, that he might not know what he is doing. Thankfully for him, Kurt, too. So they agreed to do something on Valentine's day.

Oh, and Puck got stood up on his Pre-Vday date with Lauren!

So, Finn donated about $300 dollars to the glee club but is looking kinda sick, so is Quinn. We'll get back to them later, for the mean time, Tina sings a very emotional "My Funny Valentine". She cries mid-performance and wasn't able to finish the song. It was as Mr. Schue said, almost too powerful.

Well, Finn wasn't feeling too well, as I've said earlier, and so is Quinn. Santana guessed it was mono. Because both of them has the symptoms. Both of them has a sore throat, swollen glans and feverish, oopsie! At the clinic, they talked about feelings. With Quinn, feeling the love for both Finn and Sam. Finn, about Quinn and Rachel. Hmm,. talk about a love quadrilateral! Although Finn believes he doesn't have feelings for Rachel, but Quinn sees him staring a Rachel.

Rachel visits Finn at the clinic to check up on him. She also manages to ask Finn about him kissing Quinn, Finn's reply: "Fireworks" although he wasn't able to say if he has feelings for Rachel. I would love to see these two lovebirds together but looks like Rachel would be moving on for her dreams of stardom.

Though, a little heartbroken, she sang a beautiful rendition of Katy Perry's Fireworks. Too cute for words!

The lase part of the episode was rather touching. The rest of the New Directions went to Breadstix to support friend, Kurt. Also present was The Warbler's singing Silly Love Songs.

Love is definitely in the air for these two!

Next week's episode is entitled "Comeback" and I'll be coming back for that. Oh and btw, Sam and Santana had some serious eye contact before the song ends. I wonder, would there be "Samtana"!?!

See yah later! Gleeks!!!

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