Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle Recap

Did you watch Glee's Return Last Sunday? Of course you did, and I wouldn't be late for that. I haven't done a recap in a while so bear with me.

We've been waiting for this for quite a while and I say the episode was worth its wait. It started with Katy Perry's California Gurls being performed/danced by the Cheerios. The performance was a spectacle with blue wigs, BMX stunts, fireworks, the works! but Sue Sylvester isn't satisfied. Her two word reply is; "I'm bored!" The solution, chicken cutlets aka Silicone! She asked Santana to slap herself and Brittany with it but it didn't make her chuckle a bit.

Want to watch it again? Lookie here!

And it's championship time! With the Cheerios heading towards Regionals and the McKinley Hill Football team named Titans also up for the Championship. There's just one tiny problem, they're not much of a team. Okay, it might be a big problem. Especially now where they need each other.

Karofsky is back with his homophobic antics on everybody. This kinda made Finn loose grip on the football and they lost the one game before Championship. All of the football team are still not happy by the fact that they're QB is on GC. That's "Quarter Back" is on "Glee Club". There were shouting and kicking and shoving! This did not sit well with Coach Bieste.

Well, back to Sue for a while. After watching some cartoons on her TV. Wait she has cartoons on her office TV?!? Anyway, she has seen the light, and it's pointing on a huge cannon that will fire humans out across the football field to their death! Maybe, I'm a bit exaggerating but you get the picture.

Side note: Her awesome coat looks good on her. Great choice!

Back to Coach Bieste, she confides to her buddy, Will about the situation leading to a decision to put them football team on Glee Club for a week. Ouch! But before that, Artie got slushied big time!

He got slushied from the Titans! As in almost everyone of them!

Poor Artie, and now, they have to share the room with them Titans! This kinda suck! These people hate each other! The Titans think Glee clubs is about showtunes therefore GAY and the Glee club hates them because of the slushie facials and they are the reason why Kurt transferred.

Anyway, Will tries to make them work together, find a common ground. So, he lets Rachel and Puck show what they can do. Sing! Of course, a mellow ballad from Lady Antebellum, Need You Know. It was awesome! Although at the end of the song the're were kicking and shoving. I even saw Rachel trying to kick them! Cute, and kinda violent at the same time.

Here's the video performance.

You can see Coach Bieste mouthing the words of the song, too! But apparently, Puck agreed to sing that song to make Finn jealous. It kinda worked! But, Puck and Finn, put thouse aside and be friends again. Or at least until their championship.

Back to Sue again! She introduces the "SueClear Weapon" the human cannon ball! Sue tries to make Brittany, the cannon ball but thankfully, Brittany is smart enough to say no. She didn't want to die, in her own words: But I don’t want to die yet — at least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled.

There were some words exchanged after that on Principal Figgins Office, with Will present of course. Figgins stated that the human cannonball isn't safe for use! It puts the life of the cannon ball in danger. So Sue, manages to step out casually and with full force and anger, trashes the room next to them and Coach Bieste's too!

Sue tells Coach Bieste that she has called the Ohio Cheerleading Board or something like that to move the Regionals the same night as the football championship. This means that there would be no cheerleaders, no halftime show! This is disaster!

But Will of course found the perfect replacement for a halftime show. One word: Thriller! Two words: Mash Up! Three words: Heads Will Roll! LOL! So, the glee club with the football will perform that on halftime. No questions asked NOT! And Philippines got the mention with the Cebu inmates doing the Thriller!

Practice time! Not so good! Except maybe Karofsky who did pretty good! So good in fact that Will spoke to him about that. Would he be joining Glee club soon?

On the cheer leading front, Sue made the Cheerio trio resign the glee club. Too bad they're missing out on a Zombies classic She's Not There. Finn sounded really good in this number, 60's rock suits him very well. And it was AWESOME! Every one's impressed except the mullet sporting Hockey players. The football team got their taste of their own medicine, a slushie facial. This kinda shoved them to the edge and they quit the team altogether, leaving Coach Bieste with another problem.

Fast forward through The Dalton's, make that Blaine's performance of Bills, Bills, Bills! This is starting to become a Blaine show. Not so much a fan.
Sorry Blaine!

While the Dalton's are preparing for the Regionals, The William McKinley goes for coffee with Blaine and Kurt to talk about their issues. They found out that they only need four more guys to play. The solution! The girls will join the team! To win the championship! Holla!!! So the football team is the glee club! Awesome!

Brittany is still unsure about the human cannonball thing but Sue manages to convince her with some pretty stories about baby cannonballs. What?!? Yes!

It's football time! While Kurt and his parents plus Blaine are at the stands, the glee girls walk in their football uniform ready to kick some butt! Well, almost, they kinda just lie on the ground most of the time. Except Lauren who promises to give pain! This does not make Tina happy! When given the opportunity, she grabs the ball for victory, almost, she got toppled by a footballer from the rival team but she is fine! Girl git some balls!!!

At almost halftime, Finn finally convinces the Cheerio Trio to quit the Cheerios and join in on the zombie fun! It would be a sad affair if Brittany had to die soon. So, they left Sue for Zombie and left Cheerios for good!

Puck also manages to convince the rest of the football team to join on the zombie fun except Karofksy, well, not until it started to get good. He did join them, as well.

And on full zombie make-up, they continued on the second half to victory!

Too bad for Sue, she did not win the Cheerio on Nationals this time! And Katie Couric interviews her for "Loser of the Year". Plus the budget woud given to the glee club. Yay!

Oh, and before I forget, Quinn kissed Finn! Whoa! Here's to hoping the Valentine Episode this Tuesday would be awesome.

So that's my recap, too long I guess!

See yah later! Gleeks!

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