Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's in a name?

Bohemians live freely and I would want myself to be like that. To be able to express myself freely without thinking what people might think of me. To live uninhibited, creative and free.

But of course, working in an IT company doesn't allow too much creativity. There are still rules I need to follow so there must be a compromise.

However, I can be a dandy bohemian, which are the most polished in bohemian societies. Slightly arrogant, a little loose but still refined enough for corporate office. Some people might say this is just an excuse to look like I don't care but the bohemian in me don't mind what people might think.

1 comment:

Edsther said...

Ooooh, very brave and aggresive I may say! Welcome to blogger bro!

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