Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Too Shall Pass

I just have to share this.

OK Go is one of my favorite bands. They usually dress up a bit dandy for one and their music is fun. They're the ones who did the dance on the treadmill for their video of Here It Goes Again. And a couple of weeks back, they have come up with a new video for their song This Too Shall Pass. It features a very intricate Rube Goldberg Machine. You have to watch the video below in full screen. It's one of the most amazing music videos I have seen lately.

1 comment:

Edsther said...

Wow! Jaw-dropping, i-dont-wanna-miss-a-thing video! Is everything done manually, or is there a CGI in the works? Anyhow, I still like it. Thanks for posting. It's worth my time.

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