Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pantone 16-3320

My mom's favorite color is violet. Named after a flower, it's the mixture of red and blue colors. Ever since I can remember, my mom would always want things in that color. Our appliances have to be violet, if not, she would ask my dad to paint them. Their bedroom walls were once painted in that color. Even on clothes, more than half of my mom's clothes are violet in color. Add to that her gazillion shoes, bags, and other accessories all in violet.

A couple of days ago, I had taken this picture of my friend, whose name he didn't want to share, with a couple of guys from the company I was working with, all wearing violet, or was it purple?
My friend's on the far right of the picture. Anyways, I thought the color violet wasn't to popular until this picture although I do have a couple of purple shirts in my closet.

I also did some research on this color and found out that the color violet represents the harmony of the universe in Chinese paintings because it is a combination of red (yang) and blue (yin). And in United Kingdom, chocolate was traditionally packed in violet as the color is associated with the royalties or luxury. Hmm, no wonder Cadbury chocolates are packed in violet colored packages.

Here I am in full purple power gear.

BTW, Pantone 16-3320 is violet...


Edsther said...

Speaking of chocolates, you should try Dark Chocolate Kisses wrapped in a rich purple foil! It's a treat fit for royalty and for Ka Bebe!

R. Gratz said...

Great going with the color! Guys need to be as confident and as adventurous as you... color is a good thing! Good one bro.

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