Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Building Up

LEGO® is a line of construction toys manufactured by the Lego group from Billund, Denmark. The toys were originally designed in the 1940s in Europe and have achieved international appeal.

I have always been fascinated with LEGO® blocks. Ever since I can remember, we have them at home and I would always be trying to build something out of it. A house, a weird creature or just put all of my blocks together. (BTW, doing this means I would have to pull the pieces apart which is a tad chore for my weak arms) Also, the fact that they come in mostly bright colors is a plus, too! Although I love building objects from my LEGO® blocks. I can't do the things I am posting below.

This piece of art is made by artist Nathan Sawaya, a successful lawyer until one day he decided to leave it all and make LEGO® models. Below are some of my favorites from his website: www.brickartist.com.

Another one is Galahad J of Hapsical, a student/fashion blogger from London. He creates LEGO pieces which he uses as accessories.

His LEGO bowtie looks amazing. Below are some if his DIY LEGO projects.

I may try to do the LEGO chain necklace this weekend, but I a LEGO pendant might be more attainable. More of that next time!


R. Gratz said...

I need that lego bowtie!!! Seriously. I'm a cook.

And btw, thanks soo much for that link!!! I drooled. I have a unhealthy and ridiculous obsession with Anja, lol.


Who would have thought from such a simple item you can make the most impressive objects!

Great Post!

Yours Truly


elizar33 said...

thanks for your comments!

@R. i'd also want my very own lego bow tie, im just not sure if i have the patience to create it...

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