Friday, April 30, 2010

Vogue vs. Vogue

Glee's version of Vogue vs. Madonna's head to head on this video from youtube. This is from their second episode in the back 9 or the last 9 episode ending season one. (Don't worry fellow Gleeks! They will be back for a second season as confirmed by Fox network)

BTW, I already got the photos from my trips and random outfit pictures but I don't want to end this week on a Narcissistic mode.


R. Gratz said...

Hahahaha, Sue Sylvester!!!! She's my gangstah! haha. I'm obsessed with GLEE!! And this Madge tribute was legit. Actually, kinda funny (or lame) but I was just listening to their version of 'Like A Virgin"! Yup, I totally downloaded it! Haha. The scene to it was rather steamy! It's on tonight, can't wait!!!

elizar33 said...

haha! I have their songs, too... Anyway the new episode will feature a new character which will be Sue's Villain... Can't wait!

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