Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Step on a Crack

I love reading books! Ever since I was younger, I would go into my school's dingy library and read whatever book they have on the shelf. During grade school, I was into Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Books, After that, I discovered R.L. Stine's Goosebumps and had collected quite a number on my own. Over high school, I was (and still sometimes) into Danielle Steel novels. College, my reading went into hiatus with all of the projects I need to pass but every now and then, I would be reading some thriller, from John Grisham or James Patterson, or a funny novel by Carl Hiaasen.

Anyway, I have not been reading recently... I had just finished re-shelving my books and that's when I saw a James Patterson book that I had not read yet. The book was given to me by my Aunt and I was probably busy when I received it and I just stashed it together with some of my old books.

The book in question was Step on a Crack. The story introduces a certain Michael Bennett, the father of ten (10!!!) children, all adopted having different races and nationalities. His wife is Maeve Bennett, a woman of grace yet is dying of cancer (spoiler: she died in the end...) Mr. Bennett or Mike, is a homicide detective and a former hostage negotiator, is the center of the story. It involves a death of a First Lady, kidnapping at the First Lady's funeral at St. Patrick church in Manhattan, and an undercover bad guy in the police force. Anyway, I suggest you guys read it before I go into the spoil all the details in it.

Note: I had read this book in a single day, I started during the morning, all through the work day at the office when no one is looking (ha! talk about a productive Monday), and before going to bed.

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