Thursday, April 15, 2010

Date Night!

This post is long overdue but because of my busy schedule, (not!) I didn't have time to upload pictures. Anyway, I was privileged enough to get tickets to the Date Night premiere last April 8, 2010 (the movie is now being shown in theaters everywhere). Thanks to the people from 103.5MaxFM which gave me those tickets.

From the Date Night official movie website, the movie is about a suburban couple from New Jersey, Phil and Claire Foster. They have a weekly "date night" at a local steakhouse where they talk about work and make guesses on each couple's stories in the restaurant, but it is just as routine as everything else in their marriage. They learned during their book club that their best friends, Brad and Haley, are getting a divorce due to lame marriage routines, hoping each other will find someone else more exciting than themselves while still remain as friends; which mirrors Phil and Claire's marriage.

In an effort to reignite their romance, Phil takes Claire to a posh Manhattan restaurant where they can't get a table since they have no reservations. Phil decides to take the reservation of a no-show couple, the Tripplehorns, despite Claire's misgivings. During their meal they were led outside by two men questioning them about a stolen flash drive. This started their night of trying to run away from two men in a very slow boat, through Central Park, driving an Audi, and all other crazyness ending in a strip club. (spoiler much?)

Fronted by Steve Carell and Tina Fey, there were a lot of guest actors in the movie, a topless Mark Wahlberg, Taraji P. Henson, Kirsten Wiig (SNL), James Franco, Mila Kunis, and even was there.

It was one of the funnest movie I have watched this year. Plus the fact that I didn't pay for the tickets upped its fun factor.

I suggest that you guys go ahead, watch the movie and enjoy!

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R. Gratz said...

Man, I need to go watch this sometime. I really wanted to the other day but my vote went against 4 for something else, damn it. But it wasn't a total loss, "Death at a Funeral" was pretty funny as well.

Oh, btw... I love how you have 'Song from GLEE' as your favorite music on your profile, haha. Me too! I just got into it right in time for this season.

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