Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga in the VMAs

So the VMAs ended without a much controversy except will.i.am's black face. Since Taylor Swift had forgiven Kanye West in a song, and Kanye apologizing, kinda,,, also in a song, there isn't much to talk about. Except the fashion, on that note, Lady Gaga outshines everybody in her Alexander McQueen gown. 

Here she is wearing Alexander McQueen gown and headgear by Philip Treacy

And what shoes?

Alexander McQueen lobster claws of course! 
This is probably why she had to be escorted on the white carpet.

More photos below which all came from mtv.com

 make up by Billy B, stunning!


Winning Best Female Music Video

The Alexaner McQueen gown was last seen in her Vanity Fair shoot as I had mentioned in a post last month.

She wore three different, and I say very different, dresses.

The black gown, middle is by Armani. The last one, made out of meat is by Franc Fernandez

She one a total of six awards plus two more for the director of Bad Romance and the choreographer as well. Below is one of her acceptance speeches.

See yah later!

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