Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glee Premiere Recap

Of course, I did watch Glee with open eyes trying not to miss anything although this did not mean I may have an accurate recap of what had happened, what went down, who had been slushied... blah, blah, blah. I am gonna TRY to recap it to the best of my knowledge! Natch! 

I am a Gleek as one would say, and therefore psyched for Glee to be back. My playlist would be filled with songs from Glee again and my thoughts will always be what lines from Glee (most probably some Sue Sylvester epic one-liners or Brittany's) I can snap back to my friends.

So here's what you missed last summer when there wasn't Glee. Rachel and Finn dated the whole summer (see evidence above!), Quinn is back in her old weight, Puck had a vasectomy,  Tina dumps Artie in favor of Mike Chang, also known as Other Asian, Santana had a boob job and Brittany was lost in the sewers. Gross. And what happened to Mercedes and Kurt? Hmm,, Let's ask Jacob. (read below...) In other news, Ken Tanaka had a nervous breakdown which led to McKinley High hiring a new football coach named B-E-I-S-T-E, it's French. And Emma is missing in this episode. Sob! Anyway, the first minutes of Glee was starred by Jacob, the weird blogger asking the New Directions about their big "Gay Summer", his words not mine. The best part about that is when he talked to Mr. Schue about his rapping and that the kids is asking him to stop it. I'm a kid too you know. 

Two new characters were introduced in Audition, Sunshine Corazon and Sam Evans. Sunshine Corazon, played by Charice is a Foreign Exchange student from the Philippines (ehem!) who can sing really good and is shorter than Rachel in statute. She sang "Listen" beautifully although a bit OTT but I forgive her because of her duet with Rachel Berry on the song Telephone. This happened before Listen and was interrupted by Sue Sylvester's "Shut up!" Sam Evans, is played by Chord Overstreet, is a new student in McKinley trying out in their football team. From what I hear, supposedly, he will be Kurt's boyfriend but I am unsure about that. What I am sure is that he sings Billionaire really good and has a big mouth, literally! Ask Puck. 

On another note, (get it "note" as in a song? no?!? argh!) Empire State of Mind is indeed wonderful, but the Glee kids had taken it on a new level! I am putting this sing on repeat.

Now, the team from Vulture has done a great job scoring the Glee Club's song choices in three categories, Pizazz, Relevance, and Absurdity. It's kinda neat in a way although I would probably score all of their songs a "10" since I am much of a fan and less of a critic. I do enjoy reading them so might wanna check them out. I, instead will just go on with my day playing Billionaire, Telephone and Empire State of Mind!

BTW, here's the preview for next week's Britney/Brittany episode.

Are you excited? So do I!

See yah later!

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