Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Endings

This is week is a bit dragging, work-related that is but I really wanted to end this week in a good note. So, I am giving you Megan Fox in her underwear! Thank you very much!

These are photos for the Emporio Armani Underwear campaign. If you remember, it was the power couple Victoria and Posh Beckham who were featured in that campaign. Fast forward to now, they have been dethroned by Megan Fox and Christiano Ronaldo. Okay, ladies! For your satisfaction, here are Christiano Ronaldo's underwear ad. (you guys, had become pushy! X-) )

Happy? Good! 
Now, for the videos. Let's start with Megan Fox video entitled "The Tip". This is slightly funny, maybe Megan can also do comedy.

Nice? Glad you liked it! Thank you very much!

Of course, there is a Christiano Ronaldo video as well, entitled Housekeeping. Enjoy ladies!

See yah later!

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