Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In a Week's Time

Glee will return for its second season next week! After about 3 months since they're episode "Journey to Regionals", they will return next Tuesday, September 21 for folks in the US and September 22, for us here in Manila. 

Who's missing? Dijon who plays Matt won't be included in the cast next season.

Santana visits Sue's corner, I mean office
 It's Charice!

 And some Rachel and Finn, in love and probably singing...

As a treat, Fox network had given us a complete scene with Mr. Schue and Sue. Can't wait for September 21? So do I!


Bonus clip form youtube for the Member's Project... There are a lot of these videos but this is my favorite because it has Brittany in it.

BTW, the first episode is titles "Audition" in which everyone has to go through the audition and either Puck or Artie won't be able to make it. This also marks the appearance of beloved Pinay International Singing Sensation Charice as Sunshine Corazon. Quinn will also be returning as a Cheerio.

See yah later!

EDIT: The first video form Youtube appears to be the first minute of Glee's episode 1 of season two. Now I know, now you know!

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