Monday, September 6, 2010

New Glee Promo

We have about 15 more days of waiting for Glee's season two and I have been searching for promo's on Youtube like a crazy man on coke. BTW, I am not crazy and has not and will not, with the help of God try drugs, that was just an expression. 

From the videos below, here's what I had found out. One, Finn still has feelings for Quinn, Rachel will probably cry over this and sing a song on heartaches. And on this note, Quinn is auditioning to be back in Cheerios. Two, John Stamos and Charice is indeed on Glee's season two. John Stamos is playing a dentist that falls in love with Emma Pillsbury, while Charice is playing a foreign exchange student from the Philippines (Make us proud, Charice!). BTW, Charice and Rachel Berry will have a sing-off in the bathroom singing Lady Gaga and Beyonce's telephone. They will be interrupted by Sue Sylvester yelling shut up! ha! Three, Nationals is in New York and the Glee kids are looking for some street cred wile singing Empire State of Mind.


And here's Charice's Gleekified look from justjared.
She looks happy, well who wouldn't be?

See yah later!

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