Saturday, November 27, 2010

Destroy and Enjoy

Photographer Paul Fairchild created a series of art from destroyed Apple products. Yes, you read that right. He purchased new Apple products, destroys them and turns them into wonderful works of art. 

The concept came after Michael Tompert found his sons fighting over an iPod Touch with a certain game on it. He threw it on the ground smashing it. 

There were 12 images created with Paul Fairchild. All products were brought new, btw. Another fun trivia, Tompert is a former Apple employee and has nothing but admiration to products of Apple.

Tompert has destroyed iPhone 4, the iPads, iPod nanos and Macbook Airs.

Enjoy these photos.

Boom! an iPhone 3G White with a bullet hole.
iPod touch and its golden insides

 The iPad was almost indestructible, he uses a soldering torch to heat it until it blows.

What seems to be a bullet ridden iPad. Ouch!
MacBook Air, burned and shattered.
Sliced Wireless Mouse. Weird, I know!

A newly destroyed iPhone 4. Beautiful, right?

The images were intended to be humorous and tongue in cheek. It also shows that these are just mere objects and that we should never live our lives for them.

And check out the photog's site.

See yah later!

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