Friday, November 5, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week: Part Three

Part one is about men's wear, part two is W by Rajo Laurel, and part three would be's wear again! This time, coming from local stores that can be bought from malls nationwide. Although I am gonna share looks from two retail companies, "Folded and Hung" and "Oxygen".

Let's start with folded&hung! They had shown 100+ looks for both female and male counterparts. Below are my favorites. For the entire show, click on this links, (part1, part2)

 The show started with a pouting Anne Curtis, a local celebrity and endorser of the brand's perfume.

Never mind the feathers and the overly styled look, just look at the shoes!

Another local celebrity Prince Stefan. Yep, that's his name! Although he isn't as big a star as Anne Curtis. I like what he's wearing though. I could probably work the red and white striped sweatshirt.
 Ombre denim and khaki pants! Definitely a must-buy for me.

denim overalls, hmm!?! maybe...

 Dark denim jeans with red lining is another must-buy item.

The show ended with another celebrity sighting, this time, Angel Locsin.

The show was divided into day and night parts, starting with summery prints, American Indian-inspired looks, plus feathers to boot! The second part has more subdued colors, darker denim washes and some rock and roll flavor.

On to Oxygen. A little bit behind when it comes to quantity but these guys chose quality over it. The show opened and closed with international Filipino model Charlene Almarvez and includes around 57 looks. Looks are mostly in black save for some grays, whites and blues. For the entire runway show, click here. Here are my favorites.

Opening look: Charlene "Chat" Almarvez with bleached to oblivion eyebrows

A multi-zippered vest (a must-buy) showcased over a white shirt

For the ladies, LBDs toughened up with chains and booties

 a very comfortable looking shirt with buttons on the shoulders in blue.

Taking the sheer trend on to muscularity.

Another take on the sheer trend, this time over a gray tee.

Another look with some sheer content!
I may need to check out Oxygen for these shirts.

and the show ended with Charlene Almarvez, again

I'm still waiting for more runway shots on Philippine Fashion Week and of course, I'll be glad to share it to you.

See yah later!

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