Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week: Men's Wear

A lot has happened over the weekend, I'll probably share most of what happened here so let's start with Philippine Fashion Week: Men's Wear. Although some outfits were absurd in Philippine weather, most are very nice. I'll show some of my favorites here and you can view the rest on this link.

stylebible.ph has done a great job covering Philippine Fashion Week! The menswear collection were really good except for little few. All designers made around 10 outfits per collection. There were also local stores but we'll get to them later. On to the photos.

 This and the one below are from Anthony Nocom.
Graphic sweaters are a must for my office's cold weather.

Orange is a big color for next year, designer Bang Pineda has placed this color on everything.

 An orange top and bottom is tempered by a khaki vest.

a cropped orange vest FTW!

Bang Pineda also used the color blue for half of his collection.
This blue jacket is a playful take on formal navy jacket.

Blue was also used predominantly on Frederick Policarpio's collection.
The turquoise shoes look sooooo good!

A navy blazer is deformalized when paired what seems to be rumpled chambray.

Pastel colors blue and green unite for this summery look.
 Jesson Capuchino does layers in white and blue.

Another layered look by Jesson Capuchino

 A double breasted khaki suit by M Barretto would be perfect for the colder months next year.

A boxier take on a collared sports tee also by M Barretto

Odelon Simpao mixes gray with brown tones.

Another Odelon Simpao look.

 This one is by Ulysses King, a little bit tribal.

Thoughts? Share it on the comments.

See yah later!

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