Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Singin' in the Rain with an Umbrella Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh Eh

So what happened on Glee last night? Thought you'd never ask! Sue became principal Sue because Principal Figgins (should we still call him Principal?) had been sick with a Bornean Monkey Flu which Sue, I mean Principal Sue had deliberately spread on him. Now, Mr. Schuester had also been affected and he's too sick for his teaching duties. During a session in the choir room, he sees the New Direction as kids, no, really, like super young kids! So, they got a substitute for his Spanish Class and later, also as the glee club coach. Side note: Terri's baaaaaaaaaaaack... as Will's nurse.

Now for the substitute, that would be Ms. Holly Holiday played by Gwyneth Paltrow, substituted for everyone else's class. She was the substitute for Kurt's English class (singing about the function of conjunctions) and as a substitute for the Spanish class (Lindsay Lohan is bien loca, ¿no?). And now, she's substituting for Mr. Schue as the glee club coach. That's a whole lot of substituting...

Ms. Holiday's first order of business is getting the glee club to like her and for them to enjoy being in glee club again. She asked them for songs they wanted to sing and Puck suggested Cee Lo's "Forget You", of course, she sang it for them. It is soooo refreshing to see an actress acutally sing and props also to the cheerios who became back up vocals and dancers on this number. And everyone loved it except Rachel Berry.

Rachel is so unhappy about the situation and the fact that Sue enjoys Ms. Holiday's company made it worse. She heads over to Mr. Schue's house, red coat, face mask and all, pleading for Mr. Schue to get better and come back soon.

BTW, Will's dream sequence with Mike Chang of "Make 'Em Laugh" was wonderful. It did made me laugh and love the singing-dancing duo.

On to more important news, Tater Tots had been banned by Principal Sue... Cue everyone who loves potatoes to rally against it! This is not happening and Mercedes marched into Sue's ehem Principal Sue's office about it.

Rachel on the other hand, loves Holly now as she get's to sing a glamorous song with an upbeat tempo. The duo did some amazing Chicago number and girls got some pretty legs. Both of them actually but Gwyneth's married so let's move on.

But everyone has flaws, although almost all liked or even loved Holly, her teaching methods are not very traditional to say the least. She still looks fine anyway. As she heads to Will's house creating a love pentagon (!?!) with Emma, Will, Terri, Carl and herself! Crazy? Yes, indeed!

As the episode progressed, everything went back to normal. Mr. Schuester went back as glee club's coach. And they sing an awesome mash up of Umbrella and Singin' in the Rain. Complete with rainboots, raincoats, an umbrella, rain puddles, and of course rain.

Whew! Anyway, how are they gonna top this week? A wedding perhaps? Make that two, I hear Carol Hudson (Finn's mom) and Burt Hummel (Kurt's dad) gonna marry each other next week. Plus Sue's gonna's still a secret!

Let us relive the amazingness of the mash-up by watching the video.

And a Glee-Wind!

See yah later!

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