Monday, November 15, 2010

Glee Cuteness Overload

Sorry for the Glee news overload but I just have to share this. (On a side note, I have some really nice fashion post but I'll get to that tomorrow)

On "The Substitute", Mr. Schuester gets really sick he's seeing hallucinations. Of what you may ask? Of cuteness!

What he sees are mini versions of the New Directions! Every glee club member has one kid version and all of them are so insanely cute! Here are more photos!

 mini-Rachel and Finn

mini Rachel and an even mini-er Finn

Sue Sylvester cuddles kid versions of Puck, Rachel, Mercedes and Santana

 mini Mercedes!
mini Rachel and Rachel in cute animal print sweaters

awwww-some! mini Rachel and Sue

Plus a video:

See yah later!


Edsther said...

NOw that's a really cute post!

elizar33 said...

yes, but not as cute as Ashrie!

fuchsiaboy said...

cuteness overload. i like the mini puck! hehehe

btw, where did you buy 10 mag in PI?

elizar33 said...

hi, got it from a booksale...

I also got 10men there.

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