Monday, November 22, 2010

Long, Light and Languid

Those three words define Calvin Klein's Spring 2011 Presentation on their New York Headquarters last November 16. True to their vision, the Spring 2011 collection for Calvin Klein apparel and accessories, CK One Jeans and CK One Underwear were about minimalism. They had done away with the severe lines from last year and opted for smooth and soft lines instead. Muted colors were used throughout, colors such as beige, creams, grays and whites was present.

Here are the photos.

 Alejandro Rodriguez lounges on imported sand.

Bradley from Select wears gray shirt and a matching tie paired with white pants.

Carlyn of NY Models wears a collared dress

Corey Baptiste and Filip from Ford

Daniel McSweeney, such a pretty surname, wears a covetable sleeveless shirt paired with denim jeans.

Vladimir Rotar's tank top look pretty comfortable. I like it!

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See yah later!

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