Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glee: Special Education - The Videos

Here are some videos for Glee's Ninth Episode titled Special Education. For more information, check out my other post.

Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy for hopes of a more welcoming scene and maybe, love?

Anyway, enough talking. Here are the videos. These are five in total, so enjoy!

Preview #1
Kurt is welcomed as the new addition to The Warblers with a canary! Yes, how amazing yet weird is that? Tweet Tweet!

Preview #2
Let the council come to order for the Sectional song set list. Kurt seems overly excited to share his thoughts about the sectionals, and I mean over!

Preview #3
Kurt gets a chance to audition for the Sectional Solo, he'll probably sing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina".

But wait, there's more!
Here's a sneak peek courtesy of Kurt and Blaine over at Dalton Academy.

And finally, the full performance of "Hey, Soul Sister" from Train sung by The Warblers
Kurt looks a little off but that's what the writers and director wants probably. Though, I like the fact that most of the New Direction kids were happy for him, I really hope he comes back.


See yah later!

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