Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give Me a Kiss

Recap time! Last night's Glee might be my most awaited episode. And it was definitely worth the wait.

A lot has happened on last nights' episode and I am gonna try to share it to you.
The title "Never Been Kissed" focuses on the fact that a certain someone has never been, well, kissed. That someone is Coach Shannon Beiste. Kurt also has never been kissed, by a guy, remember that he had a make out session with Brittany during last season's Laryngitis episode. And then they were kissed. First it was Kurt who had been kissed, surprisingly by resident bully, Dave Karofsky. Yes! I was totally taken aback by that scene. I am almost hating on Karofsky but the writers on Glee had done a good job confusing us on what we feel for him.

Dave Karofsky played by Max Adler

Back to Coach Beiste kisser, it was none other than Mr. Will Schuester. The kiss was more compassionate than anything. This has happened during the last part of the episode, and I am jumping into conclusion now. Tsk tsk!

The episode focuses on bullying, prejudices, make out sessions, and cooling off. The writers did a good job going back to plot-full episodes and this does not disappoint. We saw the relationship between the kids blossom into hot make-out session needing come cooling off. And instead of the usual cold showers, the kids tried a new technique involving Coach Beiste in compromising (in lingerie, in a cheerios uniform or as a ballerina) position. Kudos to Dot-Marie Jones who was a sport donning this outfits.

After the kids got the names of their competition for Sectionals, Kurt does some spying on all boys Dalton Academy's glee club, The Warblers. He went trying to blend in and got acquainted with Blaine, an openly gay student played by Darren Criss. BTW, Darren is half-Filipino. Blaine informs Kurt about the no tolerance mandate in Dalton Academy and suggests that Kurt stand up for himself against his bully. Blaine and his one-word texts, Courage, made Kurt face his bully Karofsky which in turn gave him his first guy kiss.

In other highlights, Puck is back from Juvie and wears ridiculous earrings and huge multi-pocketed jackets. He'll be doing Community Service, which is "hanging with a crip" is what made him a free man. Crip = Cripple = Artie. The Artie and Puck tandem had swayed Santana and Brittany on a double date on BreadStix, of course.

Now on to the songs! The boys versus girls annual mash up competition where guys sang a mash up of songs originally done by girls and girls do the otherwise. Who won? I say the girls because they were hot in their leather outfits but the guys are not too far behind. Even Coach Beiste who they dedicated the mash-up was grateful and enjoyed the performance.

So who's your pick? Share it on the comments below.

See yah later!

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