Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beyond the Scent

No, really it is Beyond the scent. Anna dello Russo can do no wrong and this time she gives us her scent. And it is "Beyond", that's the name of her scent which will be available on come December 3, 2010.

The perfume comes in a golden shoe bottle. Cute yet fragile, it seems that the bottle is made up of a thin sheet of glass and is hand made/blown. This is the perfume made for your dreams. EVANESCENT, GLASSY, FRAGILE. her words not mine.

The photo above is taken by renowned fashion photographer Juergen Teller. 

Credits below: 
Photo Credit:Juergen Teller 
Art Direction: Marco Braga and Giuliano Federico for Modecracy 
Fashion Credit: Moschino 
Production: YOOX.COM 

Here is a photo of the bottle in its golden glory.

And a video promo. Shot in her apartment/closet in Milan, Anna walks around in white gowns from Pucci and Roberto Cavalli with head dresses by Alan Journo.

And a long list of credits.

Video Credit: Sinisha Nisevic @ SinFactory Media
Cinematographer 1: Sinisha Nisevic
Cinematographer 2: Marco Proserpio
Editor 1: Jay Gartland
Editor 2: Jess Carfield
Colorist and effects: Kyle Richardson @ Voda Digital

Art Direction: Marco Braga
Production: Francesca @Close-Up
Hair and Make-Up: Andrew and Laura Stucchi @Close-Up

Sound-track: Runaway by Kayne West from
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Fashion Credit: Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli,
Alan Journo, Giuseppe Zanotti

Plus a glimpse on how the shoe is being made, well, not really. Just watch it.

See yah later! 

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