Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Bailitheoir Cnámh*

*(The bone collector - Gaelic)

Let's take our minds off of Spring 2011 first and focus on Fall 2010. Since, the Philippines today is experiencing rain and strong winds, I imagine a change of wardrobe which includes coats, jackets, blazers, scarves and other layering materials. But of course I am only dreaming, because although there is rain, it isn't cold enough for layers. Okay, I can probably don a cardigan without looking like I ran through a marathon going out. That's how far I can go.

On that note, I wanted to share Alexander McQueen's last runway show before he killed himself last February. His menswear collection for Fall 2010, titled "An Bailitheoir Cnámh" which means the bone collector in Ancient Gaelic. From the Alexander McQueen site:

We live in an age of change and of discovery; the ice caps may well be melting, the weather is becoming more and more extreme, and technology moves on apace in our increasingly modern world. But old and ancient cultures also knew a world of change, and their ghosts and skeletons haunt us to this day.

For Autumn/Winter 2010, Alexander McQueen’s collection evokes the culture of explorers and sea faring peoples, whose lives and attire are about protection and survival in extreme conditions, and whose legacy pokes through the melting snow and ice like ancient artefacts and bones. 

The collection features his signature love of skulls, trompe l'oeil ice-print shirts, mohair suits, leather  parkas among other wonderful things.


Below is the video, Enjoy!


See yah later!

note: photos are from style.com and nymag.com for the last one.

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