Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind the Glee: Duets

I really am not sure what's this week episode for Glee. The promo they are currently showing is for the October 26 Rocky Horror Glee Show (We'll get to this on a different post), but what about this week? If you guys no anything about it, please let me know.

Anyway, Let's get behind the glee episode duets with a video from Fox's channel on Youtube. We know that the episode is directed by Eric Stoltz, which you might know from his acting in Pulp Fiction as Lance. The video below features Naya Rivera and Amber Riley talking about their duet "River Deep, Mountain High", Chord Overstreet on his breakout scene with Quinn,  and Kevin McHale and Heather Morris, this time talking about their "bedscene".

Here's the video!

And a Glee-wind: That's a Rewind of what has happened on Glee last week. This episode reintroduces Sam Evans which we see first on the pilot episode. Only this time, he talks, and man, does he talk too much! On to more stuff, Rachel and Finn throws the competition in favor of newbie Sam. Then, there's the awesome duets of everyone else.


See yah later!

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