Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Year at Marienbad

I had professed my love for both Chanel and Alexander McQueen on their Spring 2011 collection but I had not posted Chanel's entire runway show. Allow me to do just that on this post.

Last Year at Marienbad - the title of Chanel Spring 2011 (and this post, too) comes from a 1961 movie of the same name, an avant-garde film done in a surrealism manner (Read: Inception circa 1960's), where dreams and reality are blended into it. On to Chanel show: The outifits shown are classics done in new fabrics. Karl had reconfigured the classic suit into A-line jacket paired either shorts or skirts and done in spring colors. Towards the ending, a slew of little black dresses paraded down the runway. On that note, the runway was huge! It features three water fountains, an 80-piece orchestra on one end, and a black and white (and a little gray) garden of epic proportions. Want proof?

The 80-orchestra provided the music for the runway show.


Here are some runway photos.
hole-ridden jackets

chanel sunglasses

classic Chanel bag without the strap

a-line tweed jacket

model Karlie Kross peeking through an umbrella

Little Black and White Dresses

Sasha Pivovarova

And the video, which is divided into two parts.

Part One

Part Two

See yah later!


Mitchell said...

I love the oversized hat umbrella! Found you on IFB and I'm now following! Nice blog!

-Mitch from

elizar33 said...

love that as well! thanks for following this blog!

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