Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Science Fiction, Double Feature

I can never be more excited for Glee tonight. They let us watch an old episode last week, Hairography for those in the US while the season two pilot was shown for those here in the Philippines. They had hyped up this Halloween episode so much, it has become, well, too much.

Amber Riley as Dr. Frank-N-Furter
A lot of fans were surprised by her role of a transvestite, but its fine with me.

And so, here is another video or two from them. The first one is set in the choir room which they had chosen the roles they'll be playing. I'd like to commend Mr.Schuester for his statement about the arts, (watch video for proof) even Britanny agrees.

Plus Sue's Corner! I missed this and totally forgot about her stint as a part of the local news bureau. Her topic, Halloween and the lost case of "fear".

Of course, the title of this post comes from the music of Rocky Horror Show. This will probably the first song we'll be hearing on the Rocky Horror Glee Show because this is part of the opening credits.

So, are you guys excited?

See yah later!

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