Thursday, October 14, 2010

Glee Recap 2.4: Awesome Twosome

So here's what happened on Glee last night. The theme for this week for the William McKinley High School's Glee Club is "Duets" which apparently means a blanket for Brittany (read: Duvet). The kids team up with with each other and sing a song together for a chance to win a dinner at, wait for it, Breadstix!... Aaaah! Breadstix, a place of refillable "real salads, with no chicken feet involved.

Rachel and Finn singing "With You I'm Born Again"

After three weeks of crazy plots, this week's episode is like eating a grilled cheese sandwich, delicious! In a lot of ways, Duets brought me back to the goodness, awesomeness of Glee, great vocals, nods to pop music and Broadway, and a mishmash of cute and/or touching moments.

Director Eric Stoltz and Matthew Morrison share a moment on the set of Glee

The highlights in this episode are not too many so let's get to it. I've already discussed Brittany's thought on the word duets which she thought was a blanket. Another one is Tina's wanting to eat regular salads with no chicken feet! This happened when Asians are dating, that Asian Tina and Other Asian Mike, plus Mike's mom. Tina's a bit tired of being the cliched Asian couple to the point of hating anything that has Asian attached to it, like "Asian" couple's therapy. Kurt wanted to sing a duet with newbie Sam who Kurt thinks is G-A-Y gay! Why? Because Kurt is sure he dyes his hair, well, he did, with Lemon juice. Side note: Sam came to Glee as a replacement for Puck who is in juvy for running his mom's car on a convenience store stealing the ATM machine, not very clever, I know! Back to Kurt, or his dad actually. Bob. Bob is at home now resting, and eating food served by an Alexander McQueen sweater wearing Kurt! He dissuades his son from singing with Sam because people are just not ready for that. Whew! This paragraph's too!

Director Eric Stoltz and Hearther Morris

Artie is on the moving on stage and he moved Brittany! Tina still wants a piece of Artie even for just their duet, aaaaw! (Tina + Artie = Tartie! FTW) But Artie wants otherwise. Let's get to the songs, shall we? 

Starting with Santana and Mercedes duet number, River Deep, Mountain High. These two voices blended together for a Tina Turner song and it was wonderful. They look so good together and their dancing is very well done. Want some proof? Check the video below.

Don't make me say, I told you so, but I told you so! BTW, Santana keeps on adding "s" to her words, which is okay by me. How? "Cause we's be's goin' — to Breadstix."

Just one more song: Sing! from A Chorus Line sung by Tina and spoken by Mike. LOL! We see Mike's dancing and almost hear him sing on this number. Plus, Tina's voice is a breath of fresh air! Artie on the other hand, probably loathes this number as much as I love this.

As Chord and Dianna does their number, director Eric Stotlz looks, hmm... somewhere.

Okay, one more song, the extremely likable coupling of Sam and Quinn on Lucky! They actually win the dinner at Breadstix due to Rachel and Finn's plan on throwing the competition in favor of the new kid. Their number is well-played and is so freaking charming!

So, that's it! I am not sure what's in store for next week. We just have to wait. Let's enjoy this video of Brittany's bedroom for now.

See yah later!

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